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Thorin X Bilbo (2)

By R-NUM-indy
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ฟิน =. .= วาดเล่นไปเรื่อยๆก่อนนะ
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Towards the end of it all.... Thorin actually suffered from Hobbit Sickness, which was why he overcame Dragon Sickness rather quickly.
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Oh, I love this. Soo much. want to have that as my backround so much :P
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So cute!! Over protective Thorin is worried his dear Bilbo will get hurt. :)
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bilbo: "......."
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AWWWW so cute!!!Heart Heart Heart Love Love Love 
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I love it! Haven't seen such good art work on Thorin x Bilbo. You did awesome and great talent. ^_^
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Why is everything so shippable? The ship's agree killing me...
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This is too adorable for words!!!
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I love this, I love your Bilbo and Thorin, I love your art, I love you, I love the world. 
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I think, this scene is so cute!
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Don't worry his coat of awesome dwarves will protect them both .
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Ooh amazing. Awesome. Beautiful... *.*
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love....so much love...i feels....so much love....
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Whow, it's very beautiful *_* i love the style ! Whit what have you colored ? I thought with brushes but I doubt and sometimes I feel that it is felt.
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อ่อกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกก น่ารักมากเลยค่ะะะ แอื่ปแสอืกส//นอนตาย
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oooooww :3 this is beautiful
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thilbo fan!!! YAY! *___*! thank you!!
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