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These two have a pretty great synergy in battle however Toxapex is always blatantly ogling Tsareena for some reason

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Two of my favorite new Pokémon working together.  Awesome!  I love their expressions.
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They look so good together!!
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Yes. I recently added Tsareena onto my team as my own Toxapex was being countered by prankster Whimsicott, Sableye and Klefki. You know they'll priority encore or taunt, so you switch in Tsareena safely to a priority move that fails from Queenly Majesty. Coincidentally, I do picture mine having a relationship similar to this. My Toxapex, however, being a 6 iv Regenerator, CROWN of thorns starfish, is about as purebred and royalty as Tsareena is portrayed as. An unholy marriage that makes foes weep.
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I wonder if it holds true if you, like me, have a female Toxapex.
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Tsareena: "Okay, I don't like you, and you don't like me-"

Toxapex: "I like you..."

Tsareena: "... Okay, you like me, and that fact disgusts me. But we're stuck with each other until this fight is over, so let's get this over with and DON'T SCREW UP!"

I couldn't help but think that seeing this pic :XD:.
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This is adorable :XD:
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Can someone explain how to combo these two? It sound like something I would like to try one day.
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Tsareena for her damage output and support and Toxapex for the amazing defense and ability in Merciless(STAB has never been more terrifying before).Also,Queenly Majesty synergizes with just about anything.
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Awesome artwork =D
Some of my favourite Pokémon from Gen7 *w*

I love their expressions. This just makes me laugh =D
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Absolutely love the way you drew them~
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what do you mean by Synergy? waht strategy can you do with these two?
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:lol: Cool anf funny picture XD
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:laughing: This is really cute. :)

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I love Tsareena's face.
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Two of my fave gen 7 pokémon for sure.
Especially after this- XD
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i spotted u Pearl Emote 20 
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Oh shit, time to bail.Marlon Webb #JoggingManChallenge Chat/Comment Icon 
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I love how you draw Pokemon! They're so expressive! ♥ :3
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Ha ha, this is great! Love this blocky colorful style!

tsareena, you'd better run from that toxapex. kick it in the face and run.
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Teach me your artistic ways
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Two of my favorite Gen 7 'Mons in one, amazing work No-No <3
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