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Rainmeter - NH Theme V0.2

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Published: December 29, 2009
© 2009 - 2020 r-night-hawk-o
First release for my Rainmeter theme.

-Install Rainmeter
-Copy NH_Simple and foobar_hud from the Skins folder to My Documents\Rainmeter\Skins.
-Set one of the 3 wallpapers in the Wallpapers folder as your wallpaper.
-Copy the NHTheme folder from the Theme folder to your Themes folder. That one is in %appdata%\Rainmeter\Themes. Simply writing that in the run command should set you to the right folder. Works in XP and Vista and 7.
-Start / Refresh Rainmeter.
-Load the theme using the Theme Manager in Rainmeter.

-This theme was NOT tested for resolutions different from 1280x1024. I don't know if the theme will work as intended with bigger/smaller resolutions. To make sure it works, just load all the skins manually and place them as you see fit.
-The foobar_hud cover image is artificially darkened so it fits in the theme better. It is not a bug.

I'm pretty sure the theme is not done yet.

I'm going to keep updating this until I get bored. Until then, please come with critiques and suggestions.

Have fun!
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ReneartlolProfessional Digital Artist
Hello! this is working brilliant, thanks! :D but just wondering, the disk is showing C drive and D drive, but i dont use D i use E, any possible to change that?
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Hello nice work :D It fits here dualscree 2 x 1680x1050 ;) THX
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handyfullHobbyist Photographer
Any idea how I can make the wallpaper to fit my screen? ):
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You could try and use tineye.com and find a different resolution to the same wallpaper, or you could crop the version given and scale it up (or down)!

Or, just use the options that your OS gives you (Fill and Stretch come to mind).

Good luck.
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hey man, i'm using your theme in a full hd monitor and the earth in the wallpaper became bigger than the clock, it's possible to stretch the clock? thanks dude!
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Well, it can be stretched in code. But I no longer use Rainmeter :(
Try fiddling around the clock skin's file. Other than that, can't help anymore :(
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It would be awesome if the globe would be animated, like spinning around and getting dark when it's night for you.
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Very nice skin!
Did you make the wallpaper too?
I love the little detail of an atomic bomb on the earth XD
r-night-hawk-o's avatar
Sadly, I'm not that creative :) And I don't remember where I found the wallpaper...
Chirar's avatar
Ahh, well, thanks very much for the skin and wallpaper! I love it:)!
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Keep 'em coming heh!
r-night-hawk-o's avatar
That would be a problem XD. Stopped using Rainmeter sadly. I hardly ever see my desktop.
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awesome theme .
but the "HUD_player" didn't work for me . any idea ?
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Well, that one has individual instructions.
Here you go! [link]
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EddySc Writer
The last screenshot looks awesome!
And hey! Long live heavy metal!
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looks really nice, but no offence, that is the shittiest (?) quality screenshot ever!
r-night-hawk-o's avatar
It's the essence that counts :D (And my laziness to make a better one)
Thanks though!
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so sad T.T my screen is too small to fit the skins properly lolz, ah well :D
r-night-hawk-o's avatar
You could just load the skins one by one and arrange them as you like :)
Bazerka's avatar
lol yea, but not only would i have to reload them, but have to resize them to my smaller comp. and that would take a butt load of time XD, but still awesome comp, fits perfect when i hook my comp to the tv tho :D
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sierously nice dude :D
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yorgashHobbyist Interface Designer
2 words: AMAZING!

And I don't care that it's only one word, I just felt like writing it, because simply saying "amazing" is not enough :D
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