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Midnight by R-mor Midnight :iconr-mor:R-mor 1 0
A Collision of Worlds pt 2
My hunger is never ending and insatiable. The time will come when my hunger is sated, when all will be the void and I will sleep once more. But now I must feed. This planet called “Earth” by its small fleshy inhabitants will be my next meal.
        “So Superman, we need him transform right?
“Let’s go for it.”Clark used his x-ray vision to probe for a weak point in his armor.
Unicron, blinded to their presence by his hunger, opened his gaping maw in preparation for his meal.
“Our giant friend just gave away his weak spot,” said Clark as he fired his heat vision at full power, precision strikes targeting the thinnest armor plating. But the dark god didn’t notice the pinpricks of intense heat. The plating absorbed the heat as fast as Clark could release it.
“Let me try.”
“Go for it,” Clark said, blinking his eyes from the strain.
Heero flew the Wing Zero in close and shifted into robo
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Flyderpus by R-mor Flyderpus :iconr-mor:R-mor 1 6 Mainline by R-mor Mainline :iconr-mor:R-mor 1 6 R-mor by R-mor R-mor :iconr-mor:R-mor 0 0 Voltage by R-mor Voltage :iconr-mor:R-mor 0 0 The Red Shadow by R-mor The Red Shadow :iconr-mor:R-mor 0 0
A Collision of Worlds
"I am Access, and it was I who brought you all here."
Standing below, paralyzed by the newcomers golden light stood 15 warriors. The Protectorate, our planet's only line of defense against the supernatural. The X-man Wolverine and Magneto, the master of magnetism. Alucard, vampire and holy warrior. Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist and his brother Alphonse. Clark Kent, Superman, Krypton's last son. Heero Yuy, pilot of the greatest war machine ever built by human hands, the Wing Zero Gundam. Optimus Prime, leader of the peace loving Autobots, and his archenemy Galvatron, Commander of the Decepticon army.
They gazed up in awe, in rage, and in confusion.
"If I set you free, do you think you can try not to kill each other and listen to what I have to say?" With no more than a thought he released them from their golden prisons.
"You presume to summon Galvatron puny fleshling?" He took aim with his electrochemical cannon. "You will die a thousand deaths!" Heero acted quickly and wrapped
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Battle Royale
Moscow, Russia
"Colossus, fastball special now!"
"Da Comrade!"
"Halt, Mutant!" The sentinel fired a burst of energy from its hand.
Colossus hurled Wolverine through the air like a spear. The Canadian mutant extended his claws and braced for impact.
Moments away from impact a bright yellow light appeared before him like a door.
"What the f" He was gone before the words left his mouth and instead of a sentinel's face-plate his claws dug into a brick wall, a much less forgiving object.
"Ow." He groaned as his jaw reset itself. "Where am I anyway? Too warm for Russia."
A quick look around answered his question when he realized he was about a third of the way up the side of the Empire State Building.
"Charles is not gonna be happy."
"Logan!" Storm shouted as she fired a bolt of lightning through the sentinel.
"He simply vanished." Beast said as he leapt backward to avoid an energy blast. "Regrettably a solution to this conundrum will have to wait!"
There were still more sentinels coming fo
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Justin Craft
Toyo patrolled the city with Voltage. The team had split into groups of two to attempt to track down Thrice.
The one-man army was simply too powerful for them to ignore.
"I can't believe I got stuck with a guy who tried to kill me." Toyo muttered under his breath.
"You know I can hear you right?"
"Yeah. Don't really care."
"We're never gonna be able to do this if you can't trust me and Brian."
"It's hard to trust an ex-con Dan. Especially one that tried to murder you on multiple occasion."
"Do you see anything at all Brian?"
Shifter blinked his third eye shut and absorbed the components back into his body.
"That's the problem Takeshi. I don't know what to scan for. I tried during the fight and it showed nothing anomalous whatsoever."
"Then we're just spinning our wheels."
"Maybe Mason and Paula have something more productive for us."
R-mor activated his internal comm-link.
"Shadow, Voltage return to base."
Toyo turned to Voltage. "You have a base?"
"Follow me.
:iconr-mor:R-mor 1 3
The Protectorate: Pieces
From the private journal of Toyo Tanaka A.K.A. The Red Shadow
Alive again. Don't know how. The others keep asking me what happened when I died. I don't remember anything. My last memory before yesterday was being stabbed in Argus' palace.
We still don't know for certain how I'm alive. Mason Lighthawk, a new member of our team, told me that, judging by the symbols on the floor of the warehouse and the tattoos on his body, the man we called the controller was a bokor, a priest of the dark half of voodoo. He says that I have within me one of the twelve great Forgestones and that this stone may have played a part in my resurrection.
He ran across the rooftops, a living shadow. Witnesses weren't sure if they had actually seen anything.
Time. I've lost an entire year. I've missed so much, and at the same time so little. It's really just more of the same. Celebrities hold the public attention. Crime runs rampant and politicians lie.
He gazed down at the bank. There was a large hole in the sid
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The Protectorate: Fallen
"Guys, stop this!" Shifter leapt into the air propelled by wings that sprouted from his back. "I don't want to hurt you!"
"How do you know that you can?" The Red Shadow hurled his kusarigama through the air, the chain wrapping Shifter in its metallic embrace, the wickedly curved sickle sticking in his side. He could escape but it would take time.
How did it come to this?
Six hours ago
"The only thing we can do now is wait for them to make their move."
R-mor hadn't had to wait long.
Shifter felt a strange other mind invade his, telling him to do things, horrible things.
He collapsed to the ground but soon the other presence had gone.
He stood and saw R-mor and Voltage standing before him, staring blankly.
Without warning they began to use their powers on the surrounding buildings and people.
"They weren't able to fight it."
Suddenly he heard his phone.
He reached into his chest and pulled out his black RAZR.
"Not a good time." He said as he lifted off into the sky.
"I know. Paula had an
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The Protectorate: Risen.
Dallas, Texas three weeks later
R-mor stood atop reunion tower surveying the skyline, bathed in the light of the full moon.
The moon always put him on edge.
Since becoming a hero he had learned firsthand that what people said about the full moons power over people were true.
The police scanner built into his helmet went off in his ear.
This is gonna be a long night. He thought as he leapt into the air. Just like every full moon.
The child ran through the alley. Something was chasing him. He couldn't see it clearly but he knew it was there.
He could barely breathe, but to stop meant death. So he kept running though his lungs felt like they would burst in his chest and his legs felt like rubber beneath him.
A stray cat ran out in front of him.
He moved to avoid stepping on the pitiful creature, but in doing so he tripped over his own feet.
He managed to break his fall, scraping a lot of skin off his hands in the process.
He kept moving but his fall had allowed the thing time to catch up,
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Dark Calling Ch 8
From The Last Will and Testament of Mason Lighthawk
People have debated its existence since the dawn of civilization. Some are content to stand by and allow a higher power to guide them, while others believe that they are the ultimate power over their lives.
We know different don't we Paula?
The truth, it seems, lies somewhere in the middle. The Creator uses the Forgestones to set those touched by them on their path.
But when destiny approaches, the final decision lies with us. Will we fulfill our purpose? Or will we run and hide, in fear that death may come soon after?
That is a choice we'll all make one day, some of us far sooner than others.
I've made my choice. I know that when the time comes for you you'll recognize it and you'll face destiny head on.
"That's where it ends."
"He sounds much like I did once."
"He sounds like he's expecting to die Takeshi."
"Perhaps" The slender Asian man scratched his chin. As always the cybernetic replacement's lack of feeling surprised him
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Receiving Transmission
Come in. This is Captain Glor of the scout vessel Mitriod calling Vortef 7. I have arrived at the coordinates specified by the data retrieved from the strange probe picked up three weeks ago by the science vessel Maxillor.
It is an M-class planet unsuitable for Vortefan life and has little to no strategic value aside from abundant mineral resources.
However, I am recommending a full strike force be assembled immediately.
The planet's population is putting out a wide variety of electromagnetic signals which I have been monitoring and attempting to translate. I have had the most luck with those originating from a governmental division known as the "United States of America".
From these broadcasts I have learned many things about this civilization. Foremost of which is that this world has no centralized planet-wide ruling body, but rather, many small divisions called "countries". These countries often war over land and personal rights. Even now this "USA" is at war with a comparatively sm
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Dark Calling Pt 7
Chaleur Bay, Gulf of St. Lawrence off the coast of New Brunswick, Canada
Tyler Rand stood on the deck of his father's yacht and attempted to identify a small flock of birds as they flew through the rapidly darkening sky.
This is what Tyler enjoyed most. Science, the pursuit of knowledge, always made him feel better.
"I wish Dad could understand that."
At twelve his father had begun grooming him to take the helm of Rand Electronics.
Tyler didn't want any part of the company though. In his eyes his father was almost a criminal, using manipulation and shrewd business dealings to build an empire on the corpses of former partners while flooding the market with stereos and TV's designed to fall apart after 3 years. Worse in Tyler's eyes was the pollution of the factories slowly destroying the natural world that he loved so much.
The birds he'd been watching scattered as a low hissing noise filled the air. He looked over the side trying to find the source of the noise. It was difficult to see
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What The..? -  MARVEL 01 VENOM by DanLuVisiArt What The..? - MARVEL 01 VENOM :icondanluvisiart:DanLuVisiArt 35,085 3,593 Elastic Reality P3 by otherunicorn
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The Origin of Rubber Maid
The Origin of Rubbermaid
"You know you are the first person to see my secret lair," said Owl Man as he stood behind a mini bar mixing drinks in a shaker.
"I somehow doubt that," said Rubbermaid as she took the margarita glass and sipped from it.
"So, you want to tell me the whole story or should I stuff you into a bottle again and drop you off at home?"
"It wasn't real nice of you to do that in the first place," she pouted, swirling her drink in its glass.
"Secret lair, secret location." he said simply as he sat down at a bar stool beside her.
"Ok, I'll tell you my origin story only if you tell me yours.  Deal?"
She paused, "It's a sad story.  You sure you want to hear it?"
"So is mine," he replied.
"Well, I was only twelve years old." she said staring blankly into her bubbling drink.
"Daddy worked at a R&D firm for a plastics company, PlasTek.  He was a brilliant scientist with several degrees in the fields of physics and chemistry.  In
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Belle Cosplay by Adella Belle Cosplay :iconadella:Adella 4,338 1,198 savage tales , red sonja cover by nebezial savage tales , red sonja cover :iconnebezial:nebezial 4,473 271
The Bridge...
The bridge. We crossed it so many times. Never had I expected to have it been the one thing that would lead to my despise. Maybe I should be fair and start from the beginning.
It all began 12 years ago. My mother could be the one to blame. She wasn't a great parent, but I know she tried hard. Maybe she was just never delt the right hand?
Anyways, we lived maybe a mile or so away from the bridge. A two-lane testament to excellent engineering. Older than even my grandmother, the bridge had withstood over 100 years of weather, depression, and general abuse. Its sides were beaten and twisted from the winds and rains. The tarmac had faded to a salty gray. She was old, and who knew when she was going to give.
As I had passed in to adolescence, I found time to run off on my own adventures, free from my meddling brothers and sisters. The bridge became my sanctuary. It was the theater in which all my childhood fantasies came alive. One day it would be a castle on which my prince charming would
:iconscrago:Scrago 1 10
Optimus Prime Stance by Blitz-Wing Optimus Prime Stance :iconblitz-wing:Blitz-Wing 1,111 172 optimus Prime MK3 by Blitz-Wing optimus Prime MK3 :iconblitz-wing:Blitz-Wing 250 90 red sonja by nebezial red sonja :iconnebezial:nebezial 2,391 132 Darkside1 by Typhoon89 Darkside1 :icontyphoon89:Typhoon89 41 11 To Live like the Hyoomanz by AndrewDickman To Live like the Hyoomanz :iconandrewdickman:AndrewDickman 1,090 417 chara design: game draft 2 by GENZOMAN chara design: game draft 2 :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 1,800 181 EPIC TAO by reiq EPIC TAO :iconreiq:reiq 2,939 182


Realized I hadn't updated this in forever and wanted to tell anyone actually reading this about a few AMAZING freeware games.

If you like basketball or RPGs then you should check out Charles Barkley:Shut up and Jam: Gaiden.
It's an impressive(though highly linear) old school RPG that follows Charles in his attempt to save the world from total destruction. Of course the fact that basketball has been outlawed and those who play it are enemies of the state complicate this. The battle system is a little odd at first but if you ever played Super Mario RPG you should pick it up quick enough. And it manages to have more than enough actual comedy to be honestly funny. It's completely absurd and totally serious at the same time.

For more serious RPG fare look for Last Scenario, a Final Fantasy inspired old school RPG that startts with every cliche in the book(idealistic young hero, great destiny, amnesia, ancient prophecies) and turns them all on their head. It continually pulls the rug out from under you.

Fans of the Suikoden series should check out Exit Fate. Admittedly I haven't played this one yet,(still trying to beat Last Scenario) but it's from the same creators as the above game and my bro tells me it's just as good.

And finally for platformer fans look for Bonesaw and help a hockey player save his team from the evil ref. (MUCH better than it sounds. lol
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