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~Ceiling Eevee~

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Something dumb I figured like, at the start of the month.
Pretty much also the reason why my icon on twitter and discord is upside-down :V
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how did you get my gun eevee?

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Zalla661Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Ceiling eevee is watching you fap to the internet. "Stop that shit!" :3 I can see this ending with smiles from him.

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It was at this point Eevee remembered he had no fingers with which to operate the gun.

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MLPCutePicHobbyist Artist
If your intention is to make Eevee and the Eeveeline all secret agents then i can actually see that happening. Seeing Espeon being a fortuneteller agent, Umbreon as a Hitmon, Flareon as a Pyro expert and so on
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Villagerpower38Hobbyist Digital Artist

An FBI secret agent

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R-MK is that eevee's neutral special?
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*Counters with a shotgun* me: I don't think so!

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goodbrony Artist

(sides with eevee) Secksy Rapeface Heavy PFFT! YOU ARE GOING TO NEED MUCH BIGGER GUN BABY!!

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*Pulls out a rocket launcher* you were saying?

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goodbrony Artist

Secksy Rapeface Heavy HAH i have BFG though! might i suggest running now?

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*Takes a few bullets* *yawn* imma go back to spanking the monkey... *practices Michael Jackson moves*

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idk why I expected some zubats to fly out there...
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oh my god i needed this

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but doesn't mean i'll stop

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New eevee evolution. Guneon
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Oh sh*t
*raises up hands slowly*
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Is that a f$#$ing gun?
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TheHoodedWolf22Hobbyist Digital Artist
No homophobic Eevee is gonna keep me from doing what ever harmless activity I like doing.
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*gets out Lazer gun* are you sure about that *aims and have battle* I WILL NEVER SURRENDER!
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MagmaDaFwoofLordHobbyist Digital Artist
what's next, basement pika?
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no pls don shot
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Lucain24Hobbyist Writer
I’d be mid orgasm and he’d pull that out, I’d be dead 
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