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Doing a quick search on deviantART, it seems there's no cosplay pics from PAX East up yet. I didn't take any myself, unfortunately, but there were others who did, and I'd like to make a Favourites collection of the cosplayers I saw. ETA: I have since made that collection, which is here.

This list is mostly for my own reference, as I search out pics over the next few days, but if you spot any yourselves (or are the photographer/cosplayer), please post a reply or send me a note with the link. Thanks!

ETA: Strikethroughs are for cosplayers I don't need any more pics of. Listings with asterisks are cosplayers that I would like additional and/or better quality pics of.

High Priority (in no particular order)
- Bayonetta (x2)*
- Sephiroth and Morrigan
- Ash and Misty (w/stuffed Topegi)*
- The Ghostbusters
- Professor Layton
- Harley Quinn(?) (the one who the Wait In Line typist called Lady Gaga)*
- The armor-wearing Enforcer*
- The Princess Peach crossplayer
- The big guy in the space marine armor (Gears of War?)
- Crono and Lucca
- The big brown Muppet in the burlap shirt
- FFV-style Time Mage, and the other Final Fantasy characters he was with
- Pyramid Head
- A couple of Rapture (BioShock) residents

Also Looking For (again, in no particular order)
- Ash and Pikachu
- Auron
- Various Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Sandshrew, Pikachu again, etc.)
- The couple of Bowsers I saw around*
- The other Lucca
- Various Team Fortress 2 cosplayers

I'm sure there are others I'm not remembering at the moment, and some others I didn't see at all (apparently there was a third Bayonetta). As such, will be amending this list later.

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