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Doing a quick search on deviantART, it seems there's no cosplay pics from PAX East up yet. I didn't take any myself, unfortunately, but there were others who did, and I'd like to make a Favourites collection of the cosplayers I saw. ETA: I have since made that collection, which is here.

This list is mostly for my own reference, as I search out pics over the next few days, but if you spot any yourselves (or are the photographer/cosplayer), please post a reply or send me a note with the link. Thanks!

ETA: Strikethroughs are for cosplayers I don't need any more pics of. Listings with asterisks are cosplayers that I would like additional and/or better quality pics of.

High Priority (in no particular order)
- Bayonetta (x2)*
- Sephiroth and Morrigan
- Ash and Misty (w/stuffed Topegi)*
- The Ghostbusters
- Professor Layton
- Harley Quinn(?) (the one who the Wait In Line typist called Lady Gaga)*
- The armor-wearing Enforcer*
- The Princess Peach crossplayer
- The big guy in the space marine armor (Gears of War?)
- Crono and Lucca
- The big brown Muppet in the burlap shirt
- FFV-style Time Mage, and the other Final Fantasy characters he was with
- Pyramid Head
- A couple of Rapture (BioShock) residents

Also Looking For (again, in no particular order)
- Ash and Pikachu
- Auron
- Various Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Sandshrew, Pikachu again, etc.)
- The couple of Bowsers I saw around*
- The other Lucca
- Various Team Fortress 2 cosplayers

I'm sure there are others I'm not remembering at the moment, and some others I didn't see at all (apparently there was a third Bayonetta). As such, will be amending this list later.

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I make metal stuff. Check it out.

(I'm a being of few words)
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I also happen to be the person in the photo and I made what I am wearing. :)

If you go to my page, there is a pic of me without the Enforcer shirt on.
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Ohh... you're the armored Enforcer! Didn't pick up on that ^^;
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I am mysteriously, terribly mysterious in my shrouded mystery. . . and stuff.
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Hey there-

I was the Vanille cosplayer who was walking around with Pyramid Head, the Jacob Norris splicer, and Sakura from Street Fighter. If you want some better pics of Pyramid Head, just note me your email and I can send you some. =]
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Hey, thanks for the offer! I would prefer dA links, but if you'd like to send me pics, that's fine too :)

Here's my email addy. For future reference, it's also in the "Devious Info" box on my dA frontpage.
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Well, I wanted to put them here on dA anyways, so here's the link to the gallery of Pyramid Head and company: [link]!
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You're very welcome. =]
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David mis-linked me on RvB. It's ChurchsWife there. Which is my fault, I just had my username changed.
Also note. I don't use DA...At all ever, hence the Google comment. (Pardon double post, SVP)
Note: I found this via Google. Harley was my Girlfriend.

Find her at

I'm on RT as well at

our Twitters are @KnucklesDawson and @ChurchesWife as well.
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Thanks! I did find a photo of your girlfriend here on dA; =SANE-INTOLERANT seems to have a lot of PAX East photos in general.

Her costume was great, BTW =D
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