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Halo Story



You got Quote in my Master Chief!

You got Master Chief in my Quote!

Yep, it's my newest crossover piece, featuring Master Quote and his UNSCized Polar Star pistol. I played Halo for the first time earlier this year in Windows, and though it had its flaws, I had a good time. (And of course, I played WiiWare Cave Story earlier this year too ;P)

Bungie.net was a very helpful resource for much of the Halo-related details, which I wanted to get without being spoiled for the stories in the later games (which I may or may not play, largely due to my preference for WASD controls; only the first two games are on PC). Anyway, Bungie's is one of the best official sites I've seen in some time. For Cave Story-related minutae, I (once again) went to the excellent tribute site at MiraiGamer.

As usual, may tweak later, plus the tools used are the same as (mostly) always.

Too many parenthesis in this artist's comments. Bah.

ETA: Fixed a couple things.
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