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Question: Who is that PsychoShadow? U MAD?
Answer: PsychoShadow is Shadow but he is mad. And yes, Im mad. Im going to asylum soon. REALLY xD

Q: Why do you make him like that?
A: I love crazy things <3 If you dont like it GTFO! :icongtfoplz:

Q: Do you thing that Shadow is really crazy?
A: No. I thing that he is good. (But I hate G.U.N. >:()

A: They killed Maria =(

Q: So... I read PsychoShadow is died in 2 part. He is finally dead?
A: Not quite. PsychoShadow can be anywhere. It all depends on your imagination.

Q: Who is she?(in 1 path of PS)
A: I don't know. It's can be fangirl xDD (sorry, sorry ^^), girlfriend...

Q: In your fanfic I found many mistakes. You are idiot?
A: Maybe, yes xD I'm going to destroy all my mistakes.

Q: Do you have the literary skills?
A: Nope. Its my first try to write horror novel (I should read all of them xD)

Q: You know what's going on in an asylum?
A: I hear about it. I was scared ><. Also, I was in asylum in SAW THE VIDEO GAME:iconjigsawplz: I read what is going on in asylum here. BAWWWW >.<

Q: What is place where Sonic was woken up?
A: Basement. Dark Basement.

A: No. I like him (and love :3)^^ He's just became PShadow's victim. =(

Q: Can I draw, write fanfics about him?
A: OF COURSE U CAN!<3 If you want I can make a group about him =)

Q: Why did you wrote second version of 2nd story?
A: Guts and Cupcakes :3

Q: In the first version of second part was Tails. What happened with him?
A: Tails going to clean Shadow's brains by himself. When Shadow found out about it, he decided to go to him and kill him (by wrench). Sonic don't know about it.

Q: Why Silver replaces Tails in second version?
A: I dunno, it is only second version

Q: Do you think Sonic should have died after his small intestine segments?
A: As Jigsaw says: "The human body can endure pain. This is surprising" (I don't remember exactly, but it was something like that)

Q: In PShadow 2 there was yaoi?
A: None.

Q: There is no epilogue.
A: In the second version, it seemed to me, this spoils everything.

Q: Where did the photo, where all together?
A: It was Sonic's idea when he decided to make a photo. He gathered all his friends and said that in recent times have to take care of themselves, and to no forgotten, it is necessary to make photo. Shadow's smile appeared on the photo due to the fact that thought Sonic's idea was right.

Q: What inspired you to write fanfic?
A: Saw, Cupcakes, Shadow + blood + MADNESS = YANGIRE

A: r-i-s-e.deviantart.com/journal…

Q: I have a question. Can I ask you?
A: Yes. Just comment =)

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ok, im trying to bother you but i really want to read spshadow 2 but i cant read the language could you translate to english?
:earth: :rip: :sadangel: :tombstone:
R-i-s-e's avatar
No time ==
funnybabyslol's avatar
That's ok u don't have to do it now, take ur time Hon!
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Пила, детка, ты ещё тут? :D
Черт ну пащемто все на инглише то :( мне пришлось напрячь мозг и самому перевести
R-i-s-e's avatar
:iconjigsawplz::iconsaysplz:Да ^^

Прости, у меня больше друзей из разных стран xD
Могу перевести ^^ Или не надо?
DosvidanyaRebyata's avatar
Да нет, не надо, я кажись понял :3
R-i-s-e's avatar
Ах поздно :3
Кстать, я пишу другой сюжет 2 части xD (фетиш)
DosvidanyaRebyata's avatar
жду жду жду :3
R-i-s-e's avatar
Написала, только мне сейчас 2 иллюстрации наривоать нужно, чтобы предоставить атмосферу :3
DosvidanyaRebyata's avatar
завтра думаю я смогу уже лицезреть готовую работу? С:
R-i-s-e's avatar
Шит сделан xD
R-i-s-e's avatar
Да =)
Потом я обновлю фаг =)
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