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Unexpected meeting3

By R-FakonWolf
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Part1 :
Part2 :

"We made it... we-we made it"

"No.. *huff* *huff* I made it"

"Oh.. yes, you made it. Thank you, for saving my life"

"Just shut up and go already, that direction is your land.
It's almost morning now, The hyenas won't be around here till night. Ah... wait a sec."

Kovu sniffing around, and disappear in the tall grass.

"eh. what's you're doing"

"Keep you alive"

Kovu came out from tall grass with his mouth full of small plants. He dropped it in front of Kion.
The young prince look at it like he never seen one before.

"And what I suppose to do with these?"

"You've never seen one before? Oh, what a pathetic Pridelander... it's a herbs, really good one. It'll help reduce the pain and provide the infection. Just eat it."

"Okay, I trust you. If you want to kill me you'd do it long time ago..."

Kion chewing it up, his face twisted because of it's bitter and spicy taste.
He swallows it down...

"Ewwww-- ahh.. that thing taste so bad. But it really does start to feel better, You know so many things!"

"If we Outlanders don't know this basic knowledge. We will never survive living in this hell..."

Kovu looking far away. Staring his eyes to the direction where the pride rock was located.
His eyes were cold and full of hate, but Kion didn't notice it.

"Life must be hard there..." 

"Yes.. it is. And I just don't want you to die here nearby our territory, with that nasty wound. Your father will blame us for the things we haven't done, again."

"Again? what do you mean again?"

Kovu's face turn to stress. He didn't hide his anger anymore

"Really? Oh really.... You don't really know why you father banish us? the reason we have to live here?!
The reason why I have to live in that damn termite hills, fight for water, hunting for mice and bugs for food  since I was just a cub!"

Kovu walks aggressively to Kion, his eyes open wide with angry. His loud growling make Kion shaking with fear

"Whoa! whoa!  Easy man! Sorry- I'm sorry! I didn't know much about that. My dad hate it when I asked him about this"

"So, how much do you know about us.."

"I just learned from a friend of our family, Rafiki. That y-you guys used to live in Pride lands since Scar's pride era.
And when Scar's died. Zira, Scar's mate, the ex-queen. And some lionesses who's loyalty to her and Scar can't except my dad as their king and tried to take his throne...
So my dad, eh... the king, exiled them away?"

"That's all you've known?"

"Yes, that's all. Gosh, please don't hurt me!"

He didn't know about his older brother at all?  Kovu step back from Kion

"Do you know how many cubs died for that? How many cubs.. who did no wrong, and got sentence to death by living in this place! No food, no water.
Three of my friends died in a role because of the hyenas, four died because their mothers can't hunt enough food as you guys keep chasing us away from your territory, that they have to let their cubs died. And that is because of your father! He's a murderer!"

"He is not!"

"He is!!! Gah! I- I just... I should not help you! I should just let you died in our territory, get our revenge..
for my friends who have to die because of your father. Grr.. if it wasn't because of her, I would.."

"Because of who?"

"*sigh* Well.. I didn't need to keep it to myself anymore. One of Pridelander once risks her life saving mine from a crocodile,
while she could just run away and save herself. She could have been killed for that."

"Do I know her?"

"No.(lie) And if not because of her, I won't be here. But it's nothing anymore.. I've repaid her by saving your life. Then we're even.
We can't take your life as long as you stay in your territory, but if I see your face in ours next time, you know what I have to do.."

"So.. I guess this is a goodbye. I'll go now. Thanks for everything... and sorry for what my dad ever did to you, and for your friend's death."

". . ."

"...Hey, you know what? Having any reason or not, I know that you'd save me anyway.
You didn't save me for a repay, I can see it in your eyes. You're just a good lion."


"At least. Please let me know your name."

"Get out of my sight before I change my mind..."

Say what you have to say, Pridelander.... Until we meet again, 
I might be the one who destroy you all.  Until next time we meet ...I might have to kill you

Characters Kion and Kovu credit to Disney
Background editing from TLK2 scene

So here come the last part... I hope you like it!
Sorry for my English! I'm really suck at using it for conversation panel.
If you see anything wrong
 here, you can correcting my grammar by note to me or tell me in the comment below, I won't mind! It will help me so much.

This is the last part of three pictures of my story, about how Kion met Kovu ( I made this fan's theory before they're really meet each other in the series.
So this is not a fanart of the real story Disney made)

I want to make Kovu's 
personality and attitude become cold and hateful this way, He got all from Zira's lesson. He was trained to hate Simba, and he knows his place in his pride as a Prince of Out lands, a true heir of Scar. So.. all the things that he thinks he knows might not real. Some of them were just made up by Zira.
But deep inside... he still there, real him. He's not pure evil and he can never be. Who know best about this point is Zira, and she has to do every way to fix it.
He's not the real son of Scar anyway...

there's how they've met in the series: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rZtxd… Ps. I love Kovu's voice here heeheehee..

Thank you for waiting! I will keep up my TLK fanart since you guys seem like it! thank you so much XD

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This should've been how the Lions of the Outlands episode played out.

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Can i take this art for my instagram account
I go to credit you
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R-FakonWolfHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you for asking! Yes, you may repost it.

Please post this picture with credits along with

"This art got permission to repost from an artist who creates this art, RFakonWolf 12/7/20"

So that people will know that you have my permission to repost.

And if anyone contracts me about it I can say that you are allowed to repost it ^^

And so that I can keep report people who didn't ask for my permission but still reposted it.

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I read the whole thing in September started about last weekend then finished with part three on monday.
some words didn't sound right when reading so i'll it slide since you're not an English speaker. Please don't take offense to that!

not fond of your voice casting for him. i'm actually more particular of kovu's voice from loin king II: Simba's pride! cause it sounds better (in my head!) and fits the emotional depth more.   
i'll explain why...listen to the clip and thought to myself ''why do I know or recognize that voice?'' so I looked the voice actor up scrolled through voice credits and discovered...he voiced nermal in The Garfield Show (2009 - 2016) www.youtube.com/watch?v=in5H8Z…
don't hate the character or voice actor my issue is way back in the 90's the 2d animated series Garfield & friends they gave nermal a 'cute and annoying' female voice (when the gender is male. don't know if the creator Jim Davis had any issues with that?)
I think everybody can agree with me that we're all deceived by this fact! 

p.s: i'm not a fan of lion guard for I don't watch Disney. jr & mostly cause of disney itself (don't like what it's become/turned into. along with their shady business practices...there will be something about it on my blog/Facebook called mickey says) also had stopped watching tv since 2012/13.   

R-FakonWolf's avatar
R-FakonWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
I understand your point ^^
But to me they giving him a teenage voice for the lion guard where Kovu and Kion first meet eachother sounds fair cause it's clearly long time ago since the last time Kovu met Kiara. So this is fine for me.
But the old one is pretty iconic😂
I still love it too.
4DaBoysOnly's avatar
thanks for being so very understanding! totally forgot to mention that bit info/fact in my review of your story.

p.s: i completely agree with you but feel like Disney kinda screwed with the movie cannon to suit their own purposes to make a show. it's the same issue with these three topics i'm going to mention... 

harry potter and the cursed child - Should've not been successful as a play in London or Broadway!
on the matter of said book (if you can call that one...it's generic, bland & terribly written) coming from a fan of Hp that says something! also haven't read the novels as they're way too long or don't plan to. i only know of and own the films on dvd*smiles* 

boruto: Naruto next generations - despite the original series lasting over a period of years (for i had fallen way out of it by the continuing series was still airing on tv) but love the fanfics and mangas based on them.
the protagonist is kinda a jerk, too many new characters and bashing a female character.

dragon ball super [anime adaption] - although the official sequel to dbz. it falls into being reused animation (unless they fix it on their blu-rays) the second thing is a little dicey and i don't wanna cause a fight on your comment section here.

you're probably not a fan of anime...are you?  
R-FakonWolf's avatar
R-FakonWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Trust me, I feel you. I'm a huge anime fan and I'm not so happy with some of the new adaptation or new sequel as well. 
But being too bias just won't give me any benefits... So I try to be as opened mind as possible for this kind of change.
Disney screwed movie cannon like a lot of time, but still, I think TLG is still not so bad compared with some other cannon and sequel.
I just try to enjoy it as much as I can XD
4DaBoysOnly's avatar
Glad to know that you're an anime fan too! you know what else bothers/pisses me off that certain classic animes like big O & gurren laggan aren't release on regular dvd format only as Blu-rays (which i believe are a waste of money) or other animes like battle b daman, flint the time detective will never get a release because they (the company who owns said title) think the anime didn't have a big enough following or fans don't care about them! 
your other options are either go looking for an older edition (if they're available!), buying them second hand, bootleg or illegal streaming.

i'll say a few nice things about Disney jr. Sofia the first (they started her out as a princess but in the end didn't become a one instead became a knight or something. is that right or i am wrong?) the other one is for them bringing back the Muppet babies giving new & old fans but with a little touch of nostalgia like referencing Muppet show.  

p.s: sorry the lateness my laptop overheated itself, shut down deleting the message i had originally wrote out to you.
this is part 1 of 2 for i don't want the message to be too long. 
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rayray200Student Artist
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DandinFreeLandsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I actually wish something like this happened in the series. It would have been much better.
R-FakonWolf's avatar
R-FakonWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
I'll take that as a compliment, thank you ^^
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Kimba I hope you dead
MyPatronusIsAHawk's avatar

what does that have anything to do with this...

Gingadensetsufan12's avatar
I hate Simba for that Kovu Nuka and Vitani don't  deserve  that kind for life 
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I loved all three parts of the story
R-FakonWolf's avatar
R-FakonWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Awww... Glad to hear that.
Thank you ^^
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I like how you didn't leave Kopa out like some do.Love I APPROVE!Nod 
R-FakonWolf's avatar
R-FakonWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much ^^
Well, I know Disney kinda replace Kopa with Kion 
But for me, every canon character and their story are interesting, and I always want to take them as part of my story:D
EnderEmpire's avatar
There is literally no one replaced in any franchise. The one who replaces them are the fans. The only reason why Kion looks like he replaced Kopa for most of the fans was because the Kopa fans believed in that. They basically replaced their character with their own words.
R-FakonWolf's avatar
R-FakonWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
That's why I said "Kinda"
I didn't say he replaced Kopa :)
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Thank you.
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VelvetPersonaHobbyist Writer
What an interesting short comic/fic. I like this take on Kovu's character and Kion's willingness to befriend him. Great job! :clap:
R-FakonWolf's avatar
R-FakonWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much!
Glad you like the story ^^
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J-McKeonStudent Filmographer
That was really cool
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