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[2020] OTA 02 || CLOSED

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If some had seen, I had posted this on my twitter (the finished image.) It was just some design I was sketching, and I decided I'll turn it into an OTA.
The cleaned image is uploaded to my twitter/ko-fi at a smaller resolution and once there is a new owner, I'll comment under my twitter post that it belongs to you. (I'll be keeping the lower resolutions up since it's part of my gallery/commission examples.)



Accepting artwork and money offers only. Priority is money > art. Can be a combination of each. I am more likely to accept higher money offers.
The unfinished sketches here are offered as-is but depending on the offer, I may clean them up!
EDIT: Forgot to mention, the minimum money offer by itself is 75 USD.

Will close when an offer is accepted or design is autobought (automatically will clean up the extra art!)
If there isn't an offer I'll accept, I'll probably keep the design.

Reply under the featured comment to make an offer, thank you!

WINNER: AgentLapins
Offer Here: www.deviantart.com/comments/1/…



○ All payments are via Paypal in USD only. An invoice will be sent to the customer. Payment must be made within 24 HRS of claim. Failure to do so means the adopt will go back up for sale.
○ Adopts may be traded, gifted, resold, etc. Adopts even obtained via trades or gifts, may still be resold for a reasonable price.
○ You may edit the design, including editing over the original adopt artwork (or files) by r-ekky.
○ All adopt files come on a white background. Transparent files are not offered.
○ You do not need to notify about any adopt changes or exchanges.
○ All adopts are for personal use; if you'd like to use it for commercial purposes, an additional fee will be required and is listed via invoice on instructions to do so. However, r-ekky's artwork itself cannot be used for commercial purposes.
○ Please credit designs to r-ekky at least once when shared/uploaded.


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