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you have not played skyrim yet? well i'm spoiling it for you, you can turn into a werewolf, a bloodthirsty, awesome old school werewolf, you can also feed from dead npcs...just imagine this YOU ARE A FUCKING WEREWOLF FIGHTING A FUCKING DRAGON, this game is going to be GOTY i tell ya.

Oh and you can turn into a scary vampire too.
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Pain-and-misery is reposting your work and claiming it as hers: I am your guardian
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Oh god, she is the typical dA art thief. There's little I can do about this since she seems to block and hide comments that call her out. I guess spreading the word and reporting her is the best way to deal with this ):
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Ahhh this is ace!
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Not really an old-school werewolf. Cause you can change at any point of the day, even if there isn't a full moon.
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I always bought into that ability for Werewolves. It would just make more sense to transform at night if you don't want a mob after you, this is also true in the game too because if you transform in broad daylight you might run into some other wise innocent people that currently want to spill your guts across the streets.
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vampire ain't that great unless your a vampire lord
Now you have both dragon and werewolf blood running in your veins. :p
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Awesome, looks really ferocious yet intelligent looking (thats what I am feeling looking at it) Really moody picture and awesome colouring.
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I HATE BEING A VAMPIRE!!!!how do i get cured and become a werewolf?!
I'm not surprised that being a vampire isn't very useful. Your abilities are to drain the enemy's HP and some sort of teleportation.
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i know.XD
i still love that game tho
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Their is a special quest you get from a Mage I forget what it's called though. You can cure vampirism in its early stages easier if you got the disease early with a simple disease cure potion, but it doesn't work if you've fully converted.
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Cool. I got the werewolf form in the game as well. uber powerful. Finally killed me a giant with it. My reward you ask? A giant's toe. Btw lvl 25 argonian.
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Awesome picture!

I got the werewolf form in game and it is so damn powerful! I ripped through a bandit stronghold in 7 minutes and the only thing left alive inside was the maid!
... man that would be a horrible mess to clean up O___O
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Awesome pic for an equally awesome game. Becoming a werewolf was the first thing I did after starting it up. :)
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haha me too :lol: though i wish the werewolf spell could last longer, even when feeding from people.
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There is a quest you can do to get multiple transformations per day, i don't know how long they last but check it out, its called "lll Met By Moonlight" [link] (<- wiki link) ^^ enjoy
werewolf vs dragon.

gotta try that!
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Imagine if you could become a WEREDRAGON!!!
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