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Hangover Battle!

Hangover Party Guys!!!

My entry for Heroes of the Storm Fan Art Contest.
Still waiting Maiev and Lady Vashj include in HOTS :D

Hope you enjoy it ^^
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I love it but damn Diablo face cannot be unseen. 
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LOL ^^
and Thank You for love my artwork
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Arthas and Brightwing look the most wasted of them all. XD
r-chie's avatar

and Thank You :D
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Thank You very much :D
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So funny fight! La la la la 
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Thank you ^^
Methane-911's avatar
Congrats with semi-final! It is one of the best works, so creative.
r-chie's avatar
Thank you so much :D
kurogane9091's avatar
The guy int he SC marine power suit is Raynor or Thycus?
r-chie's avatar
up to you LOL
but i made it black so Reynor ^^
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Gratz kooo ~! xD
r-chie's avatar
Thank you ya :D
DreamerNekoInu's avatar
Grats on being a semi-finalist! Very awesome piece you've made. I'd have to say Arthas's heart eyes are my fav. Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Lovely Mode) [V6]  heheh. Nicely done.
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I'm so glad you love it too :D
Motol's avatar
you know

i've never really cared much for kerrigan's figure much in most fanworks and official art but hot damn those thighs 
r-chie's avatar
LOL ^^
but I'm glad you love it :D
kikicianjur's avatar
congrat bro..mantab uy :)
r-chie's avatar
thank you juga bro :D
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I think that yours has the most original idea among the finalist works. I really hope you will win.
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Thank you so much, by the way It count as gambling too with the idea :D
I'm glad if people love it and get the idea.
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:laughing: Awesome battle! Everyone looks so jolly!
Also so nice to see Diablo with a big smile
r-chie's avatar
yes I love to make everyone smile like that ^^
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