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Hayden Panettiere

Ladies and Gentlemen, Hayden Panettiere, also known as Claire on Heroes. My best friend [link] got me in to Heroes and Hayden is so adorable, i just had to draw her.

hope you Enjoy! <3

EDIT: I Forgot;
made with:
- mechanical pencil.
- 2H, HB, B, 3B, 4B.
- eraser.
- blending stick.
- canson paper in 'dessin'.

Time = 9 hours.

ps- sorry for the stupid blurred parts due to crappy scanner.
disclaimer; i am not the owner of this image, just the person who drew it.
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great, so beautiful! ;)
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Nice pic!

Hayden Panettiere is one of my favorite actresses.
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This is so very good, it's in my favs now !!!
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I love 'Heroes' to!  Me and my sister are on the third season at the moment, and it is so addicting, mostly because a good story and because it is to be continued every single episode.
By the way, HOW DO YOU DRAW LIKE THAT!? I mean getting the features I might be able to do, but the subtle shading, wow you are absolutely an amazing artist.
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Es realmente impresionante!
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Amazing eyes and hair, and smile - so realistic!
I love your work!

Question to anybody who cares to answer: I'm terrible at art but I want to improve. Particularly, I want to draw pictures of women like this one. Does anyone have a good place to go to learn art? I checked out some books from my local library but most of them seem to just have step by step directions on how to draw certain things like a dog, a tree, a car etc. I looked at some Youtube videos and they seem to do the same thing. They have directions on how to draw something but not lessons on how to learn the basics of drawing. I want a website that has steps to go from being a completely inartistic person to somebody with some good drawing skills. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for the help!
PS: I don't want to learn to draw cartoons or anime type stuff. I want to learn to draw like portraits or digital paintings or comic book style stuff.

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you are amazing at drawing! keep it up
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So pretty, your gallery is wonderful
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Looks so realistic, again fantastic job!
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So perfectly... Wow! You are after art school, aren't you?
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Wow, did you draw this!!!!!!!!!!!
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She is so beautiful... Awesome.
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you are amazing!
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OMG like hair is so friggin hard to do! HOWWWW
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Wow! Amazing... congratulations!
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Bloody amazing. She is quite beautiful, isn't she?
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