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My friend's hamster, Munchy. He's a good sport when I want to practice photography :)
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That's what specie I am  Hamster by R-aw-r  
SCPDea's avatar
Awws, so cute :3
Austria-Gentleman's avatar
A special pet for you!
Sparking-moonlight's avatar
my hamsters leg is like really bad cause he got it stuck on something
SymphonyOfDissonance's avatar
FeatherQuilt88's avatar
Awww, hi there, Munchy! *pets pets* :pat:
Daramoon's avatar
Adorable, I love this kind of hamsters ❤
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Amazing Syrian Photo, do you do videos/ still have syrian hamster/s. Please contact if you do
Dedicated to create and deliver the best Rodent cage/s in the world! Like us @ [link] or follow at [link]
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He really looks like my hamster!!
BlueIcey's avatar
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Awesome photo, he's really cute *_* !
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what is your hamster eating?
LadyTara's avatar
What a gorgeous wee man :)
cmonletsgethigh's avatar
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Aww... he's got such big eyes and soft fluffy fur... I want to cuddle him immediately! Give him a treat for me. ;)
LaaTeeDoe's avatar
Munchy is sO CUTE!!!

Good picture. Cute little, uh. Hamster you got there. Love it.
lamcke19's avatar
take good care of your hamster Munchy.
I hope he lives longer than my other hamsters that died.
lamcke19's avatar
1 of god's creatures which is a hamster.
So glad for u taking care of Munchy.
xjetx01's avatar
:L luks just like my hamster! :D x
Fenrislord's avatar
Indeed they're lively little creatures.
Great shot. :horns:
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