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Starfield Texture



This is not space art...this is not stand-alone starfield picture...

This is texture for Space art, so i submited this piece into the texture section.
I submit this becauce i know that is boring making starfield..okey, regular starfield is not hard to make, but if you want some "rich" starfield with alot of stars and some nebulas with nice big stars and distant clusters od stars...well, that will take much of your free time...
So i submit this picture so you can use it if you like it.
I know that this starfield is, how to say...unrealistic...but it is big and you can use only one part of it on your picture.

Size os starfield is 2500*2500px.

I make this starfield before couple months for some of my project and some brushes, and i think that i can share with you so maybe someone use it in his work :)

You can use this starfield in any way you like in your picture. It is not alowd to make brushes from this starfield.
Only obligation is: YOU MUST SEND ME LINK TO YOUR ART IF YOU USE MY STARFIELD (via note, or write comment here. Comment on my DA page is not desirable).

Ofcourse, it will be nice if you fav thic piece.

Thanks 4 your time and sorry for bad english.

PSD info:
size: 76mb
layers: 44
size: 2500*2500
Image details
Image size
2500x2500px 1.9 MB
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I used it here for my chibi, thank you very much. [Gift] Akhirah chibi.
[Gift] Akhirah chibi. by SKproductionsArt