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Planet Collision Tutorial

Finaly some new tutorial from me...

Ok..this is most simple way to make collision with 2 planets...i hope that this will help someone...

I know that it is not impresive like some other tutorials made by me but i do my best to make most simplier collision tutorial ever...i think that i achieved that....simple and with nice result...

Favs are VERY WELCOME...comments-only if u urge to write some :)))))

Sorry 4 bad english...

btw: tutorial is on (bad) English And Serbian
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With all those effects, it's hard to tell those are the same planets.
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Excellent tutorial!
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Wow, fantastic, and very helpful! (Sorry for flooding your inbox with favs. XD)
SlientSkullz's avatar
u just luv this one!! :)
i just luv your tutorials and without your help i would still be mkaing circluar rainbows xD
roblfc1892's avatar
stari ovo ti je jebenica!!!!!
Qzma's avatar
hvala hvala...imam josh dosta tutorijala pa navali u galeriju pa pogledaj
roblfc1892's avatar
da gledao sam, dobre stvari... nije u mom stilu, ali pomaže
odlicno Qzma
Great, i wish i can do stuff like this!
I'll try to tut soon :)
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1 thing to say ..... AWSOME
LadyCroatoan's avatar
wow an amazing and very usefull tutorial ^^ thank you for it :D
Kiray-Fire's avatar
great tutorial!
jeffreymoon's avatar
i love you mate...
PhantomPaladinX's avatar
not to criticize or anything, i found that in the final product, the longest "arm" in the explosion does not blend in D:
PhantomPaladinX's avatar
but overall, its damn cool ^_^
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The tutorial is good, but personaly I don't like the result.
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I am having a problem with this tutorial I got to the point where I needed to create a layer (transparent and all) between the two planet layers, I then got a brush selected the colour white and tried making some abstract images on there, but I cant see them, I've tried everything I can to rectify this but it doesnt seem possible does anybody know where I might be going wrong...

please help me...

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dobar tutorial
Cool tutorial. Not to be mentioned - as usual. Very helpful...

Thanks a lot for.

thanks i really needed something like this.
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Wow. Looks so hard to do from the finished image but after looking at the simple steps it's all easier to do! This should prove quite handy in the future. I thank you!
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