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Complete file browser using Rainmeter's FileView and HotKey plugins.

Button to go up a level
Ability to enter path directly into the directory bar.
Ability to search subdirectories.
Minimization ability
Scrollable drives list
Favorite locations listing that's editable through the options skin
Toggle hidden and system folders to show
Taskbar menu that can open the startmenu, show all open windows, and open the tray at the mouse location
Power menu that includes shutdown, restart, sleep, lock, and log off
Special folders menu, that allows access to folders not reachable through my browser, right click on the recycle bin to empty it
Scrollable launch menu, right click to open the launch directory and add shortcuts to the applications or folders you'd like to open
The ability to sort by name, size, date modified, date accessed, or date created
Double click on type currently being sorted by to invert the sort order
Right click the date type to change it
Scrollable file listing with dynamic scrollbar
Left click on file/folder to open/follow the path respectively
Right clicking on file/folder opens the context menu
Right clicking on file/folder name allows you to rename the file/folder
Hit the delete key over a file/folder to show the delete dialog
Options menu that allows you to change all the colors, transparency, font size, font face, launch directory, launcher size, launcher count, and favorite locations and names

Update 1/29/16 Version 3.1
    Added a favorites menu and removed the scroll buttons as you can scroll with the mouse wheel. Favorites menu can be customized with the options skin.

Update 1/30/16 Version 3.1.1
    Re-added scroll buttons.

Update 1/30/16 Version 4.0
    Moved all meters to

Update 1/30/16 Version 4.1
    Increased Favorites to 8. Can adjust width with Multiplier variable.

Update 1/31/16 Version 5.0
    Complete rewrite from the ground up. Adds a minimize ability and a cleaner look.

Update 1/31/16 Version 5.1.5
    I should probably document all the features this now has. You can scroll the Drives list and right clicking the Recycle Bin empties it.

Update 2/1/16 Version 6.0
    Adds a new list type variant, for a more compact view.

Update 2/4/16 Version 6.1
    Added a launch menu, use right click to open the launch folder and place shortcuts to applications within. The launch menu is scrollable.

Update 2/4/16 Version 6.1.1

Update 2/7/16 Version 6.1.3
    Added a button to open the options menu in the top right and made it so you can change the font outline color through the options menu.

Update 2/7/16 Version 6.1.4
    Changed s'more of the color settings. Highlight color now controls the path and search backgrounds as well as the hover effect color, while the path and search now use the regular font color. The options menu now uses the same color scheme as the explorer, without the transparency effects. Wish I could add rounded corners to pretty things up a little.

Update 2/8/16 Version 6.1.5
    Bugfixes and optimizations.

Update 2/8/16 Version 6.1.6
    Menu Color can now be changed independent of background color.

Update 2/8/16 Version 6.2
    Added forward and back controls for users with extra mouse buttons. Like in your web browser. Does that make sense?

Update 2/9/16 Version 6.2.2
    Added forward and back buttons. Drives menu now displays drive's free space.

Update 3/4/16 Version 1.0
    Another rewrite and added the ability to rename. Changed name to RainExplorer.

Update 3/4/16 Version 1.1
    Made it prettier.

Update 3/6/16 Version 1.3
    Made it unprettier, yet more functional. Or actually functional.

Update 3/7/16 Version 1.5
    ADDED A SCROLLBAR, so proud of that.

Update 3/16/16 Version 1.5.3
    Scrollbar is now clickable. Other small bugfixes and changes.

Update 3/19/16 Version 1.6.1
    New folder and text document creation added. Minimization state now cleaner looking.

Update 3/19/16 Version 1.6.2
    Bug fixes and scrollbutton dynamically changes size.

Update 3/19/16 Version
    Bug fixes.

Update 3/20/16 Version 1.7
    Added an info pane to the bottom!

Update 3/22/16 Version 1.7.2
    Bug fixes. Thanks for letting me know Exper1mental!

Update 3/22/16 Version 1.8
    Added a launcher that's connected to the launch folder you've selected! You can change the number of icons 1-5 and the scroll bar will appear if there's more than that.

Update 3/25/16 Version 1.8.1
    Bugfix, thanks to JSMorley for the help with the RegExp substitution.

Update 3/26/16 Version 2.1
    Removed almost all [!Refresh]s in the skin.

Update 3/26/16 Version 2.3
    Explorer is now super duper fast yet still not cpu intensive.

Update 3/30/16 Version 3.0
    Set DefaultUpdateDivider=-1 and then rewrote the skin so it never updates on updates.

Update 4/6/16 Version 3.2
    God do I love NirCmd. Code optimization again. Also if you hit the delete key while hovering over a file or folder, it will prompt you if you're like to delete it and if you say yes it'll delete it and send it to the recyclebin, which sounds silly when you say it like that, because duh, but let me tell you it was not easy to accomplish so elegantly. Seriously, NirCmd is the best.

Update 4/6/16 Version 3.2.1
    Bugfixes and Optimizations
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