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Name: Jabberwock
Gender: Hermaphrodite (Infertile)
Age: unknown
Height: 178cm
Breed: Zlesdin
Colour: Light Grulla and seal brown sabino chimera
Genotype: EE aa nD | EE Ata nSb
Jabberwock is not only a chimera concerning its appearance, Jabberwock's personality is also quit bipolar. In one moment it won't let you come near it, in the other moment Jabberwock is the sweetest horse ever. But most of the time Jabberwock just seems to be a very sarcastic and scornful horse. But in a pleasant way.
Jabberwock won't let anyone touch the ring in its nose, since the horse was once treated very bad and was misbehaving and very aggressive towards humans, someone pierced his nose. Now Jabberwock would never hurt its current human. Except if he'd try to touch the ring. Jabberwock would eat his hand.

Jabberwock (The Horse up there) belongs to me
The Name "Jabberwock" belongs to Lewis Carroll
Zlesdin Custom Import made by Zoubstance
Breed belongs to Zoubstance, too
Art is mine
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I love your style!!