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Blekitny Szatan



ID: ZS0086
Import Design: Zlesdin Custom Import
Name: Błękitny Szatan
Nickname: Szatan
Breed: Zlesdin 
Gender: Stallion
Age: 7 Years
Hight: 170cm

Color: Blue roan (hidden) sabino
Markings: Asymmetrical markings on head and legs, blue eyes
Genotype: Ee/aa/Rr/nSb/Ff (flaxen carrier)

------------------------------------------ SSS: Starter
----------------- SS: Starter
------------------------------------------ SSD: Starter
Sire: Starter
------------------------------------------ SDS: Starter
----------------- SD: Starter
------------------------------------------ SDD: Starter
------------------------------------------ DSS: Starter
----------------- DS: Starter
------------------------------------------ DSD: Starter
Dam: Starter
------------------------------------------ DDS: Starter
----------------- DD: Starter
------------------------------------------ DDD: Starter

- YGOS Zeniba
- Queen of Hearts SB

He's not just a macho but also a absolute bitch. Kind of aggressive to other horses and humans, always carrying his head high and relentlessly defending his position. He's the kind of horse which can replace a watchdog, because he is chasing every intruder across the pasture with snapping teeth and ears laid back, flat against his head.

He's a very proud and narcissistic horse, always testing his riders until he can be sure, that they deserve to get his attention. There's this one person who has his full loyalty and even deep affection. Once achieved he always tries to show his human the best of him, but when something goes wrong he will be frustrated and gets easily distracted by anything

No mater what, he is a difficult horse.

Zlesdin - Zlesdin Points

Bullet; White Registration: +1 ZP

Bullet; White Offspring
- YGOS Zeniba +2 ZP
- Queen of Hearts SB +1 ZP

Bullet; White Show Entries:
- Headstrong +5 ZP
- It's All About Performance... +5 ZP
- Just Take it Easy, Man... +5 ZP
- In The Name Of Grumpiness! +5 ZP
- Disconnect +5 ZP
- Path of Warriors +5 ZP
- Hunt Gone Wrong +5 ZP
- Gold, Red and Mud +5 +2 ZP
- More is Better +5 ZP

Bullet; White Show Placing:
- Zlesdin Summer Grading Show: Gaited Show Class: 1st +5 ZP
- Zlesdin Summer Grading Show: Skeggas Race: 2nd +3 ZP
- Zlesdin Summer Grading Show: Grading: Studbook Approved
- QUINCE EVENT 2.5: Amateur Racing: 1st +5 ZP
- Mental Illness Awareness Show: Liberty: 2nd +3 ZP
- Annual Spring Hunt 2016: Mounted Combat and War Games: 1st +5 ZP
- Annual Spring Hunt 2016: Hunt: 2nd +3 ZP
- Zlesdin Winter Grading Show: Skeggas on Ice: 1st +5 ZP

Bullet; White Training/other Images:
- Szatan's Ceremonial Tack +3 ZP
- Lake of Fire +2 ZP
- Magnificent Profile +2 ZP
- ZSG Prices +2 ZP
Winter Wonderland +3 ZP
- Eye To Eye +3 ZP
- Best Baroque Horse Ever +3 ZP
- WTF R U Doing, Horse?! +3 ZP
- Awkward +3 ZP
- Krepier doch, du Sack! +3 ZP

Bullet; White Art by others:
- Szatan at the Beach by Dark-Bakura1 +1 ZP
Commission 2 for by SweetAdoptParadies +1 ZP
Zlesdin Breeding by Dark-Bakura1 +1 ZP
Zamira and her Friend by Dark-Bakura1 +1 ZP
ZSG Champs by Zoubstance +1 ZP
Commission | Handsome Devil by chelissima + 1 ZP
- Showing Off by Merleee +1 ZP
- Survival of the Grumpiest by chelissima + 1 ZP
And a haaaaaaaaappy new year! by Zoubstance +1 ZP
~50x50 Pixel for Qwertylein by Novetos + 1 ZP
Romantic pinkie flower power by Fibonacho + 1 ZP
1st and second place prizes (Qwertylein) by Kilala20000 + 1 ZP
Throw Could Water on their Plans by KimEule + 1 ZP
Hubertusjagt by PinkLionArt + 1 ZP
Bling for the Win by chelissima + 1 ZP
Hubertusjagten - Magasindammen by Zoubstance + 1 ZP
Hubertusjagten 2016 by Zoubstance + 1 ZP

Total: 124 ZP = Khan

Reference: none for the horse, various images for the crow
Brushes used
(for the Background): lazy brush set by vesner + Gras texture from cgtextures.com
Orginal Design:
Zlesdin Custom Import - Qwertylein by Zoubstance
Image size
2360x2000px 4.51 MB
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