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CIA Screensaver

Screensaver with a rotating CIA logo.

Made using InstantStorm.

Original concept from 91maan90 [link]

Tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7

Macintosh users:

The Macintosh version for this screensaver is located [link]
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wow i havent been back here in a long time, life kinda took over. i should probably get around to making version 2.0 and the other screens i was talking about
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i saw that the cia got a tweeter or something. so i will never get on that site, again.
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can't wait for more...please work for a complete CIA or NBI themes for win7 ^_^
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Wow, really awesome work. Thanks friend.
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If anyone has suggestions to this screensaver, or new ideas, then please post in a comment below.

US Presidential seal

and from Call of Duty:
Task force 141
special agent 0007
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do you think you can make it 3D like the one in COD MW? that would me awesome.
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if you provide me with a small video of it i will be able to recreate, but as of now i cant find what you are mentioning.
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It spins around and 3D like a coin
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Please add cool music ob it, like Call of Duty start-up sound :D
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which Call of Duty game is it from and which track?? please find on youtube or whatever and post back here so i can integrate it in.
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yeah maybe in v2
im working on some new stuff though so it might me a little while...
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Thank`s look`s cool.
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