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made as a gift at the september folks over at pixel lounge c:

base by zapatones 
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Wow! I usually love your palette choices, but this time, you nailed it. I love earthy tones like these, and how you've added some extra warmth with those reddish shades just rounds it up perfectly. I will always be amazed by your ability to make such delicate and flowy folds with hard pixels. And the black outline, of course :D

Only you could turn a simple standing pose into a work of art like this. I'm going to study your work closely to see if I can learn some new tricks ;) 
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aaah omg thank you so much!! <3 i'm so glad you like the palettes i use, it's something i put focus on and always tries to improve. (and the black outlines, ahha!! you'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands)
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Your hard work sure shows. You seem to have a good eye for colour too. That's why I asked you, that one time we were discussing tutorials on Discord, to make some resources on colour; because you're really good at it.

Like I said, I'll have to study your work more carefully. See if I can steal all your secrets :mwahaha:
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thanks again!! maybe i'll make a tutorial someday, i would need to study my work myself first tho, because i don't really know what i'm doing. cx
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Looks Roman :D or is it Greek? Either way, it's great work, The detail? Even though the overall style is the cartoony lacking in detail? That is a hard style to do correctly! Color me impressed 😁
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yeah i was inspired by roman clothing, but i didn't look up any references, so it's probably very far from accurate. cx and thank you so much!
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aaaah lex this doll is so elegant and regal looking :love: seriously love the drapey folds and the fruit in her hand and hair!!
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aah thanks so much kat!!
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I admire your work on the fabric. That's wonderful 
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thank you!! c: <3
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