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Warcraft pumpkin 2009
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Published: November 4, 2009
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Another pumpkin carving season passes. For the first time I entered a contest. The Blizzard pumpkin contest is impossible... I didn't even place in the top five. It's going to take a while to recover from this one... I know it isn't perfect, but I was hopeful. I guess I'll have to step it up a lot for next year.

d e t a i l s :

-Black marker was used to darken a few areas however, all the depth and detail is made from cutting into the skin.

-I spent over 10 hours freehanding, gutting, and carving it.

- I almost cried like a baby when I lost. (not really:) )
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LaJollyProfessional Digital Artist
Absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to share this with my werewolf themed Tumblr blog, do you have an account where I can reblog from? Have a great day!
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zodiacspotholeHobbyist Digital Artist
i would cry if i made this and lost x.x
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CreativeimaginezHobbyist General Artist
....If this wasint even in the top  five I need to see the others for myself and judge this.. Cause this I thought was printed on or something thats so damn amazing I can't believe it. Deserves at the LEAST third place.
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BrentonCherryProfessional General Artist
Blizzard contests are no joke. What kind of marker did you use? I often have trouble trying to get markers to actually leave a mark on the pumpkin because of the moisture.
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It was ballpoint pen.  It's kind of the only thing that doesn't rub off once your start cutting.
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xkappaxProfessional Digital Artist
Wait, this was for a contest and you LOST?! Oh my gosh, I would have voted for you. This is incredible!
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Okay, this is insane, like insane. You want to kow how insane it is? I haven't touched WOW in three yars, this pumpkin made me want to log onto my old account.
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Haha, thanks! I'm probably doing another WOW carving in a couple of weeks for the contest! I'm kicking it up a notch this year though...not going to be easy now that I think about it. :P
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I saw this on the website. I was disappointed and showed my brother how yours should have won. I looked at the other contests and noticed that the ones that made top 5 weren't even that good. Bawww. Yours is better by far, imho. <3
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Thank you. That is very nice to read, I'm glad you liked it. I just finished reading three blizzard forums where I was getting bashed for not deserving an honorable mention place. The general consensus was that I am a *censored* for even entering the competition with such a cheap technique and taking up spots for better pumpkins that show "some actual carving skill".

Anyway, thanks for being nice. I like nice people.
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Awh. I don't get why people have to be so mean about everything. I really enjoyed your pumpkin, and when I first saw it I didn't know it was actually carved! (Meaning when I saw the thumbnail. ;3) Pumpkin carving takes patience and focus (Two of the things I don't have, but I carve pumpkins anyways because it's fun. <3) and I don't think you did that with a 'cheap technique' because it gives it depth and sort of a better feel than the straight up "jack-o-lanterns." Oh well, I would like to see the other people try and do this freehanding. I couldn't do that with a reference and/or template. :P
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Thanks, I was really discouraged and you were the closest person to talk to. Kind of sad actually, lol.
The compliments mean a lot!
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Lol, thanks. And you're welcome.:3
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KreepingSpawnProfessional Digital Artist
holy crap. that is awesome!! i feel like a n00b now. ;)
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I feel bad now, lol
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2wicethepainHobbyist General Artist
DAMN!!!!! your good.
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Thanks, I'm hoping this yeas will be just as good.
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2wicethepainHobbyist General Artist
as do i.
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KamoseHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Nice job!
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That is INSANE. The fact that you did it freehand is just amazing. Awesome job.
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Haha, thanks. I like to show people the amount of detail that you can achieve on a pumpkin with a precise hand. Too bad pumpkins are only a once a year thing. Not to mention my neighborhood has like ten trick-or-treaters, haha.
Thanks for the favorite!
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