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Qvasi Fonts 3pack

I've created a font of the Chalem letters [link] . And fixed the other two fonts a bit (Qvasi Pen font [link] and Qvasi Runes font [link] ). The Pen and Runes font now share the most of the same punctuation (except the "double symbol" that only the Pen font has).

Both Chalem and Pen have isolated vowels (shift +vowel) and vowels above the preceding consonant (not shift). Allthough Chalem is ment to be written right-to-left, the vowel symbol is above the letter to the right (so you have to swap vowels and consonants when writing this direction).

See the character table in the zip file for more details.

If you've previosly installed the Qvasi Pen font [link] or Qvasi Runes font [link] ,
you need to uninstall (e.g. delete) them from your font folder before installing the new improved versions...

**Update** I've changed the licence of my alphabets and fonts to CC-by, so please feel free to use it for whatever you want. I'd appreciate it if you posted a link in a comment here if you use it for anything.

And for anyone wondering: these are fantasy alphabets made by me for fun. I originally was going to make a fantasy constructed language for them but making a vocabulary turned out to be too much like work ;)
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Thanks for this beautiful Font. I used it here…
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About "Shimaihu Akbar Amen, No Offense Qvasi" in Chalem ... does the phrase "Shimaihu Akbar Amen" mean "Amen to the Great Name" ?
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This is beautiful.  Please make more alphabet fonts.
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Thank you so much :) I'lkl use it in one magic circle :P
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nice work! have something similar to elven scripture?
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I love the look of your fonts.. I'm not sure what I may wind up wanting to use them for, but now I'm inspired to think of something to play with them on! :D
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OOOOOH! Pretty! Could you send me the fonts?
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Hmm, I like this font, but its characters are from what? lol from your description it looks like it does exist from somewhere =X
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Eeeek, where did the lating alphabet go? :D
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