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Broken (Tales of New Eden)
Oh, my dear ... you don't understand. You are too stubborn to understand love. For affection is only true when you love from a broken heart. Love is one sided when one heart is still full. Yes, I have no thoughts of my own, no will of my own ... all is for you, my beautiful one. Everything I do. Nothing matters more. Yet, you ... only care to please yourself. Your life is not mine, you will never give that to me, despite allowing my your hand. I will never have your heart. Love is only real when reciprocated. I am yours ... but I have received nothing in return. All you think of is yourself. Since you will not offer yourself to me, I must
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Updated and story explanations
I've finally updated my Though I still need to make folders for all my characters, I've updated the folders to properly explain my worlds and stories, the stories' eventual formats, and complete lists of the characters. I must say that I'm very pleased. I finally feel like my stories and concepts are all coming together after all these years <3 It's honestly a wonderful feeling. I now have 32 active characters, active in terms of fully developed and with stories of their own, across three different stories, and a few inactive characters, which means that though I still own them, they're not even really my "OCs" at the moment a
Mar 21
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I want to know if this is good enough for…
Lost the duel by ClockworkMultiverse
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Hello, my dear!

I have something to tell you . . .

PLEASE DO NOT THANK ME FOR FAVES!!!!  I'm sick of hiding them, and they will be reported as spam. (Please also do not watch or fave me as a thank-you for anything, or self-advertise) Also, I will be very tempted to UN-FAVE your work if this comment is visible and you straight up ignore it >:c

And DO NOT. THANK ME. FOR LLAMAS. I have the one click llama button, and often give llamas to most people I see as a means of reminding myself I've seen them before. Please don't thank me, you deserve it. I would kinda like one in return though important part of life 

Thank you for understanding, and have a lovely day~F2U: Light Purple Neko Blob Icon

If you want, you could check out my contest! It runs till the end of the year!
ToNE + Birthday contest 2019
if you wanna learn more about New Eden;
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Why hello, my dears~ Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
It is finally time! Time for the long awaited second Tales of New Eden contest! This time it's held in celebration of my 18th birthday :flirty:~ And because I will most likely have finished the entire cast of ToNE before the end of the year, since usually, I create on average, 7 OCs a year (and there are only 7 left).
This contest will run until the end of the year, so a nice long time~ More OCs will be added as the time goes on. Also for those of you who won my last contest, you still haven't received the cash prize, I know ;w; But it will be paid really soon! <3 So don't fret~
At the moment, only drawings, of any media, are accepted as entries.

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I love your work ^^
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You have a very good sense of humor
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Guys stop thanking for faves or something! did you read her featured comment?
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Done! I changed the category of that deviation. Well, not only changed, but removed categories. I couldn't come up with any fitting categories for it!