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[OC AND Fanart] Happy LGBT pride !

Woo it's pride month yall !
So I wanted to sketch some of my fav characters from each LGBT letter o:
Akia ! Whos a big lesbian and is my own OC from Out of the hunt
Bjørn ! My player character from TES: Skyrim ! My super gay old son !!
Isabela !! One of my fav bisexuals from Dragon age !!
And last but not least, Emilia ! Who's my trans gal from my story Midday coven o: She's also a big lesbian

I just realised it ended up being all black LGBT characters so extra happy pride to yall black LGBT people out there !!

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Akia Luther © Out of the Hunt © Me
Bjørn © TES Skyrim and Me
Isabela © Dragon Age
Emilia Woods © Midday Coven © Me
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© 2017 - 2021 Qursidae
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not part of the LGBT so not included

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But they are what do you think the A in lgbtqia stands for

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yeah it's not lgbtqia, it's just lgbt, and even if you put an A in it, it has historically stood for ally not asexuals

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Ally means your okay with LGBT, it doesen't mean you ARE LGBT

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Absolutely, I'm just explaining what the, sometimes added, A has historically stood for, and it's not asexual

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It's really good make LGBT+ oc's, good drawing.

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Love how it show Queer people of color. i love how you don't need to be a certain color to love.

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i have 9 lgbt+ ocs. and i only have 13 ocs (that are still in use)
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Love it you did an amazing job
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May I feature this? I'm starting an Lgbtq+ magazine and have a section featuring Community artists. I'll credit you and link your social media.
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Can I learn more information about this magazine project ? Like if it's forprofit and what politics you intent to showcase
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Of course, this magazine is a non-profit educational and lifestyle magazine. It's main purpose is to share a diverse range of voices in the LGBTQ+ community, including those who don't get as much attention. Like People of different racial backgrounds, little known sexualities, and non-binary genders.
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Sounds cool ! You can have permission to use this art with credit (: Is there a digital version ? Would be interesting to see it display in the magazine
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The magazine will be digital, so if you'd like I can send you the link to it once it's up.
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I would enjoy that, thank you (:
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Because scientists have proven that the first humans evolved in Africa that means we all have African heritage. Every living person can trace their ancestry back to the first people living in Africa. Naturally this gives us all the right to say the N word.

Okay I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna say the N word. I swear to God I’m gonna do it. Don’t doubt me I’m gonna say it. I’m gonna fucking say it. Oh lord oh gosh I’m Gonna say it. Here... We... Go....


What’s done is done.

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hun, you got me freaked out for a sec. lmaoo

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actually god is a lesbian but nice try
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