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eeeeeeeeee this is amazing

and not to criticize but fluttershy's eye

color is more of a turquoise :(

still this is awesome asf!!!!!!

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awww derpy is so cute

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Please tell me that's Derpy Hooves in the back XD

Even if the few spot derpy hooves in the back when rainbow dash says to flutter-shy what portable gaming console derpy hooves is playing with.

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She's one of my favs^&

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This artwork was shared by Fluttershy on Facebook here.

And I'm really glad she did, for it allowed me to discover your Gallery full of a plethora of adorable art. Have a Watch from me. :)
"The Moon is made of margarine not real butter."Nod 
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*Free Icon/Emote* Rainbow Scratch Pusheen Flutter, I need to tell you something...                                                                                                   
SallyYEY What is it Dashie?
Rainbow Dash I Like You...
SallyYEY Oh Dashie! I Like you too! Why Don't You come to my house after school so i can brove it!
Twilight Sparkle (doubtful) Can I've Some Luv!
*Free Icon/Emote* Rainbow Scratch Pusheen SallyYEY Yas!

MLP Twilight Sparkle (Wrong Neighborhood) Plz Yay!
Pinkie Pie (Sorry) Heeeey! What 'Bout Me!
 MLP Twilight Sparkle (Cute Blush) Plz Pinkie! Where did you come from?
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Fluttershy Is SO Cute! v.v But you know she has green eyes and not blue... Still cute!
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they're actually more of a teal
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86% of people talk about Derpy and 14% of people talk about other things
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God, that originality you put in Rainbow's BEAUTIFUL! ^3^
France (Love Spread) [V1] 
hello I would like to warn you made based on your design you already knew? they have permission from your account?…
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a more unique take on the rainbow hair, still a cute :3
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DERPYS are taking over the world!!!!! Great, now Rainbbowdash is telling Fluttershy the test questions!!!!!!
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Derpy: *plays Smash in the background, no f*yay*s given*

Rainbow Dash: Hail Hydra.
Fluttershy: O_O
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Muffins will murder some one
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