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Sunset helping twilight

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I think I just died from cuttnes

*Looks at my dead-o-meter*

Jup I have most definitely died from cuttnes
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You can sleep while I'm cuddling with you...
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Sunset helping Twilight win the crown... it's ironic if you imagine this on the first EqG movie XD 
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She is like "oh, hey there" "I was just...being cute and awesome"
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I liked this character before she was reformed. 
Sorry, now that I thought about it, that sounded kinda rude.
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I actually liked characters before they were reformed like Discord anb Trixie,
as for Sunset, I prefer her this way
Think about it like this, Reformed villains means more of that villain (Turned hero)
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Yeah, she's pretty great now. 
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She is awesome now. I think she needs more screen time though. She is nice and confident and strong and really attractive. Personally I prefer her to Twilight Sparkle in the EG films.
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That back though
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Ah, she's gonna have some spinal issues... haha, but this is adorable
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WOW! What's more amazing is the colors and the sharp linework, VERY WELL DONE! A thousand applause to you!
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cuteness overload x_x
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It's soooo adorable. I LOVE THAT SUNSET SHIMMER
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