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Uh-oh...looks like AB finally snapped!
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JCSStudioHobbyist Artist
Nicely done on the serious dramatization! 
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If those with red hair are called 'ginger', and a person is said to 'snap in anger'... would an alternate title for this pic be Ginger Snaps?
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Petardo238Hobbyist Photographer
Blank Flank II: the Revenge! =P (Razz) 
WAWAWA :happybounce: 
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appel bloom: get a way from us!

appel jack: you go girl!

grandny smith: yous this!!Guns dont kill people; People kill people!

appel  bloom :The Sound Of......

grandny smith:barrethurrplz 
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:iconcreepy-applebloomplz::icongunfaceplz: SAY WHAT AGAIN!! I DARE YOU! I DOUBLE DARE YOU!!!
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ultimateben1000Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am not afraid of you applebloom I am Alucard I can take you down nothing last forever we could change the Future #mobilelegends #mlpfan #llovemlp
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BenjaminHopkinsHobbyist Digital Artist
[ plays.]

:iconapplebloomplz: : EVER SINCE WE MET, ALL YOU'VE DONE IS HURT ME! Well guess what? IT'S MY TURN!

:iconaienmaplz: [in pony form]: Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness, bringing torment and suffering to others. Oh damned soul wallowing in your sin. Perhaps it is time to die?
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wolley2xjdHobbyist Artist
Wait I don't get it, is this a shipping picture or is Applebloom yelling at D.T?
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BenjaminHopkinsHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm veering towards the latter. You can tell by the angry look in her eye...
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wolley2xjdHobbyist Artist
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Macgyver644200Hobbyist Writer
The tags say #ponyfriendship, but I'm not sure if this is an 'I love you' friendship moment or 'I'm 'bout to beat the snot out of you' prelude to friendship.
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wolley2xjdHobbyist Artist
Hopefully it's the first.
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Wow.  You gon goofed now, DT.
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milagros20007500Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love their expressions!
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RayhirosHobbyist Artist
kiss kiss kiss kiss
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"You all might be seeing a new side of DT soon."

~ Chantal Strand, voice of DT.
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This season? Interesting...
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