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Colored Sketch
Sketched, colored and shaded. Very simple, very cheap.

Please refer to this first: Requests and stuff
Finished Digital
Full artwork, complete with lines and everything.
Please look here first: Requests and stuff
Digital Painted (No Background)
Lineless, and digitally painted artwork.
These actually take a lot of time, so I kinda need to bump them up. I also lack examples on DA atm. But I really need to start painting more often, so here it is.

Please read this first: 
Requests and stuff
Digital Painted (With Background
Most expensive since this will take the hardest and longest amount of time.
Same as the other painted commission, this will be fully rendered and all that good stuff.

Please read this beforehand: 
Requests and stuff

Newest Deviations

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I can't be held responsible for any cancer tumors that start to grow in your eyes after browsing through my gallery.


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The Gud Stuff


QuixoticReptile's Profile Picture
Existence is Futile
Artist | Student | Digital Art


Adjective: Quixotic
Exceedingly Idealistic; Unrealistic and Impractical.
"A vast and perhaps quixotic project"

I have an active imagination. I thought I once created a DeviantArt account. Man that was one hell of a scare.

Here's my Discord in case you want to get memed on: Quixoticreptile#3522
Information for Requests, and other things


***Updated Beyond Human***

Another update (like holy hell), mostly me just adding newer commissions and changing some wording. Finished digital also changed since I just realized recently how much I actually hate doing lineart.

Standard stuff. You ask me something, I draw it. It'll be sketchy and won't have coloring. It's likely that it won’t be good since I do have other things to do. They won't have priority nor full attention.

Mouse Maus by QuixoticReptileHunter by QuixoticReptileToothless by QuixoticReptile

Art Trades 

I am open to art trades, but I will expect that you can at least draw.

I also fully expect you to do your part as well, I will not post or reveal my end unless you can confirm that you have done yours.

Art Trade: by QuixoticReptileGotor by QuixoticReptile

I am open to collabs if you truly want me and my horrendous skills to draw with you.

Give me points and I draw stuff (prices may increase over time).

Colored Sketches
Sketchy Drawings with shading and coloring. Far easier to make lel.
Songbird by QuixoticReptileFrom Russia, with hate. by QuixoticReptileHo-229 by QuixoticReptile

Finished Pieces

Give me thirty points (bumped 'cause I just remembered how much I hate lineart), and I'll give you a fully colored and shaded digital piece with linework.

crackers by QuixoticReptileWhay by QuixoticReptileVoosh by QuixoticReptile

Painted work (no BG)
Lineless, and digitally painted artwork.
These actually take a lot of time, so I kinda need to bump them up. I also lack examples on DA atm.

Painted (with background)
Most expensive since this shit is hard boi. 
Same as the other lineless art piece fully rendered and all that good stuff. I also don't have any examples of DA, but this is probably the closest. (If it didn't have any of the lines.)
On the Eastern Front by QuixoticReptile

I do gifts only for friends (and they typically don’t ask for them) and/or people who I feel deserve them. I occasionally give them out to random people, but those happen when I'm in the mood.

:break image:
Hawt by QuixoticReptile

That's the stuff I will do, however, I do have a few perimeters of what I won't and will draw.

What I won’t draw
-Humans or humanoid creatures
-Ponies (MLP is a nope)
-Icons or symbols
-Anything fetish related
-NSFW content
-Over the top characters
-Stuff I have no confidence in drawing (stuff that's going to be really difficult).

Examples of things that I have done
-Creature concepts
-robots and things
-Airplane/Tank creature stuff (which everyone asks me to do)
-Bad attempts at scenery.

Final note, I have the right to decline any and all requests. 


:iconliving-aircrafts-01: :iconallartunited: :icondiscoverarts: :iconrobot-drawing-club:


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