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Between 13th and 31st Ave.
Walking is my resort--not my last, but my best
Escape so I may acquaint myself with my feet;
I buy them a drink, and we get cozy.
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Tightrope Walker
I work without a net these days--don't praise--
This is no symbolic gesture
It's bravery-plaited brass, not solid through
I curl into a smile, but fetally too
Don't praise! It's not some code, no Hemingway values here
Unwrapping, undressing to the heart of things
No! I'm not the high-minded poet prophet
Criticizing the daily dance of wit and stumble
No. I gaze upon you. I gaze
Like Echo now liberated, selfish and wild
And I gaze and I find your ambiguous mind
So lovely on paper, so painful in fact
Flesh out the abstract and I'm lost without
Words in a wilderness of words that jumble and twist
And make nets and parachutes--clever routes out
So no one gets hurt--just knocked off balance so that
The Moment sputters like a candle when it could have fireworked.
And I love the bang and flicker of lights in the sky.
So I have no net. No net at all. So that when I fall
The audience will gasp at the beauty, the perfect symmetry
Catharsis will varnish their faces as my ego comes to earth
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A Song for Shoveling Compost
Chin up. A fortune slip:
You can't feel like shit
When you're shoveling it.
At twenty now you're ankle-deep,
Up to the ankles in eggshells
(long-cracked) and droppings
And cardboard and wool and weeds
And membranes and peels
And panicking worms enmeshed between
Red as your gums, thick as fingers.
Chin up. Those go on your pile
Others to feed, but not your ego;
You can't shovel that to nourish others,
To turn this mountain soil to delta plain.
You give what you can;
You feel the muck crumble to feast.
Be that. Remember
That food is filth transcended
And plants breathe with borrowed light.
Borrow electrons. Chin up.
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Too much! Too much!
Body lurching, stomach free-fall sinks
Prickles alive as a doe in a clearing
My hands, torn, pins and needles, useless
I sing, I sing, "Too much! Too much!"
With the current skipping too fast for breath
The little stream ripples will render me naked
Carry me to the castle a cargo of flesh
She used to watch them from her tower
O'er the bracken and the heather
Hunting foxes, hunting vixens
With their dappled steeds and curly hair
She could weave each surging muscle
Study every sun-carved angle
Safe and sterile in her mirror
She gazed triumphant master of them all
I sing! I sing!
Through frozen air choking, stream gurgling
The world a blur of nettles and elm
Through flickering lashes, fading, misting
But no pity! No! All this I chose.
The torn web, loom smashed in tangled strings and splinters
Lost in a tower, alone, useless
Like my hands, pins and needles, a cargo of flesh
She knew that they could turn her porcelain
And hunt her with their sweat and wh
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The Fateful Meeting by quixotical The Fateful Meeting :iconquixotical:quixotical 0 1 Hardboiled by quixotical Hardboiled :iconquixotical:quixotical 0 0 Femme Fatale by quixotical Femme Fatale :iconquixotical:quixotical 5 0
Echo's Love Song to Narcissus
Speak to me, man-muse,
Self-stroking, stoking reflection.
I stand centerless--my caress, reflexive
What you absorb, I give again
And am whole in the giving
--but giftless, giftless save
your raw material: flesh and words
I sponge them. I bathe you.
You will love me, love me you will
You must.  Because my hand
is your hand, my voice voicing yours,
all of yours, a reflection of your hand
stroking, with puppet will stroking,
because you would stroke, because
I am (stroking) nothing but, stroking,
your ego, your--AH--
:iconquixotical:quixotical 3 1
Fionnuala, On Her Transformation to a Swan:
I often overhear my brothers describing the initial the loss of ground: how their bodies, encumbered by the weight of a thousand drenched feathers, lost all sense of stability, floating and sinking all at once. Me, I didn't cry until I could no longer feel the lovely, cool water between my toes.
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United States
Current Residence: Carleton College
Favourite genre of music: folk, rock (mostly of the classic sort), classical
Operating System: Mac OSX
Personal Quote: "Daps placebit hodierna: virent ova. Viret perna." -- Green Eggs and Ham in Latin
in light of my website (, may it RIP) has died/vanished/may not come back for a long time, I thought maybe I could try out deviantart. So here I am!

For those of you curious, I am a sophomore English major at the wonderful, happy, magical Carleton College. My art is mostly mixed-media creations based in watercolor, but including maker, collage elements, and sometimes old makeup because I never use it otherwise :: laughs::. I also like sketching and experimenting with digital media.

I prefer to update my livejournal, and so don't expect much of anything to go here (here as in the journal. All my art will go here though).

That is all.


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Random Deviant Hello :wave:
The best thing about being an artist is that you don't have to grow up to be one
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Thank you so much for the favourite!
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heyyyy thnx for the fave =D
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Bonjour. I like your art. Especially the Priscilla picture. :heart:

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Merci! I wish I remembered more French so that I could thank you properly :)
Romadiere Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006
De rien. It is quite alright. I am so very glad that you got my message. I adore your Priscilla picture! :heart: What kind of paper did you draw it on? It looks kind of sepia, it is really pretty.
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