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I will touch myself and find comfort

in the softness of my own body.

These folds and corners,

soft and smooth

show that I live,

I breathe,

I moan,

I caress,

I love.

My body creases over itself

so that I may feel my self.

I choose

to make my comparisons

to pillows, and satin.

To clouds.

To the contented dog lying by the fire,

the jaguar for whom skin has no meaning beyond survival.

To the women before me who have fought to be comfortable.

I breathe,

I move,

I fold.

I am not a rock.

My skin is not steel,

my muscles not wood.

I will hold myself

and feel the life that runs through this vessel.

The heat in the furnace that keeps me breathing.

I breathe,

I live.

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Congrats on the DD! :)

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Congrats on the daily deviation!

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Thanks! It's crazy coming back to see so many notifications!

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o daym

this is pretty great, good job =P

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I love it! Can someone explain the meaning though?

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Thanks! It's basically about making a choice to love my body as it is for what it does. As something neutral and natural. It's something I wrote in a moment of clarity during ED recovery.

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that is so heartwarming. i am so happy for you!

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Thank you for sharing such a personal piece of your heart, of your mind, a fragment one can hold to remember that as long as these sensations exist, we are moving forward, we are living, we breathe and deserve space 🖤

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Thank you! It's a hard thing to remember aa lot of the time, so when I was feeling it I decided to try to capture the moment

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Lewd! That's a hentai poem!

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Haha, what? I write a lot of lewd things, but this wasn't supposed to be one of them :)

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=p just a bit of fun.

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well done indeed..:)

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This is so gorgeous - both in words and sentiment! Thank you for sharing!

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:heart: Thank you so much!

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This poem carries a beautiful message. Nicely written

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What beautiful message. It's about as p0rnographic as paintings in the vatican.

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