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Fielding Face Book 2012 (Page I)

"Fielding Preparatory Academy Face Book 2012" is my fourth Daria artwork based on the awesome fanfiction series "The Hallowed Halls of Fielding" by Roentgen. [link] This work is dedicated to Roentgen, for providing me with countless hours of entertainment that served as inspiration for this project.

It features twelve characters, four canon and eight original characters, divided in two pages.

Page I (clockwise): Tom Sloane, Daria Morgendorffer, Clayton Arbusto, Elsie Sloane, Pat Hackney, Quinn Morgendorffer

Page II (clockwise): Jill Yardborough, Sue Bentley, Terry Wicklemore, Zip Benson, Buttons Gwinnett, Shuler Kennedy
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As a kid, I had a crush on Trent. Thank God that I came to my senses and crushed on Tom as a teen because Trent is cute, but he'd make a bad boyfriend(and husband).

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These came out terrific! I'll be sure to leave feedback on the board soon, too. :D