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Okay....This has been bothering me all day. Is no one else really confused about Silver/Deliora? His history doesn't add up. This is what we know from what he and Keith have told us.
-Ur used ice shell to encase Deliora in ice
-Deliora used Tartarus's Hell's core to resurrect himself-ish in Silver's body.
-Deliora learn ice demon/devil (depending on translation) slaying magic because he knows Ur's pupils use ice magic 
-Deliora was accepted into Tartarus's gang cause of his strength and unique demon slaying magic

So... how he get resurrect in Hell's core if he wasn't a member until he learned ice demon slaying magic which couldn't have happened until after he resurrected right? Am I missing something? We've had dragon, god and you guessed it, now we have demon slaying magic. Wouldn't that be helpful to have around....

On another note, as a major Gruvia shipper, I can't wait for the upcoming chapters cause I sense serious development. Two possibilities I would want to happen
1. Juvia is there to give Gray emotional support
2. Gray gets his ass beaten and Juvia saves him. (Mainly cause I love Juvia and I wish she'd have more opportunities to shine)

Also, Keith is my favorite antagonist so far. Why? Because all the major antagonists have cool names like Midnight, Deliora, Sayla, Cosmos, etc and then we have Keith...Oh Keith. Also, cause he is so talkative. Like forget actually attacking Juvia and let's do a like fortune telling along with backstory time! 

Okay, I'm done. I just needed to vent my thoughts. I woke up at 8 am, read the chapter, ate, went back to sleep so this has been haunting my dreams.

Edit: Did anyone watch the latest episode of Fairy Tail? KYAAAAA it was perfect in terms of what I love, everything else was pretty bland compared to the manga chapter. Slacked off on animation quite a bit. Laxus being a badass, Erza being awesome, Minerva getting beat, Badass Gruvia moment, really touching moment when Sting surrendered and then reunited with Lector. I cried. Not a lot cause I was still super having about everything else that happened in the episode but yeah, I wish they extended the fights though that's the only thing. Oh maybe the Gruvia moment should have been longer because Gray should have been smiling at the end of the unison raid and then go into a frown but nooo, let's just cut it so it's frowning already. But i guess that's more of a manga gruvian nitpick. But the new opening....that Juvia crying blood okay dude. Not okay.