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Spice of Life Ch. 3~Takumi Aldini x Reader~
You groaned, slowly lifting your head from your pillow. You couldn’t remember anything after the squid incident. You flinched when you realized the taste was still lingering in your mouth. You immediately ran to the restroom to brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash and brush and rinse again. Once you finished getting ready you heard a voice from above.
“(Y/N).. would meet me downstairs?” You looked up and saw Isshiki in your ceiling.
“Isshiki!” You jumped; you still weren’t used to him appearing in such fashion.
“Please (y/n).” He put his hands together pleading.
“Fine.” You slowly walked out the door listening for the sound of him replacing the ceiling panel.
When you got downstairs Isshiki was already there wearing his school uniform. This is a surprise. He was fixing his tie when he saw you.
“(Y/N)! I know it’s the weekend but would you do me a huge favor and help me move some stuff? I got a new kitch
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I am not a house
I am not a house.
There's not a door for you to walk through,
Not a roof under which to take refuge.
My eyes are not windows
No part of me is glass
And even if it were
You'd never be able to peek
Through the curtains I've wrapped myself in. 
I am not a house.
There's not an address to find directions to.
Not a map in the world could ever know where I am.
My hands are not mailboxes for you
To send Silly greeting cards or bills to.
I am not a house.
I am not something for you 
To cry home to after a long day.
I am not something for you 
To leave the lights on when you're scared.
I am not a house.
But I am here. 
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Spice of Life Ch. 2 ~Takumi Aldini x Reader~
You moved aside to let the Aldini brothers prepare a station. When it seemed like they had gathered all their materials, you sat across from them trying not touch anything else.
“You look so uptight (Y/N), we don’t bite,” Isami said while finely cutting onions.
“Oh I know you don’t but I just don’t want to accidentally mess up your process, which um by the way what are you guys cooking?” You carefully leaned over the counter to see what Takumi had put in a large pot.
“We’re experimenting with a dish that will crush Yukihara Soma and show him who the first seat truly belongs to.” Takumi said as he clenched his teeth.
“Nii-chan is obsessed with beating Yukihara.”
“I AM NOT!” You giggled watching Takumi’s expression; there was both anger and embarrassment in his face.
You didn’t like just sitting there uselessly so whenever they needed something you would retrieve it for them. Dish after dish T
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Spice of Life Ch. 1 ~Takumi Aldini x Reader~
A/N: I know absolutely nothing about cooking and food. The most I can cook is rice and eggs. Shokugeki no Soma has some really detailed descriptions about food which I cannot do so I compensated with imagery. I thought about just skipping food descriptions but that’s an essential element to Shokugeki no Soma so forgive me for my incompetence.
You weren’t the worst chef around and you certainly weren’t the best chef either. But by some miracle, you made it Totsuki Culinary Academy. Unlike most students at Totsuki you weren’t apart of the food industry in any way. Most students looked down on you for that, often assuming that all knew was basic home cooking. However, there was one student who treated you equally. Takumi Aldini.
It was your fifth day of school and you had been receiving decent grades but your peers still didn’t believe in your cooking skills.“Today’s the day I’ll show just what I can do!” You exclaimed in t
:iconquitequiescent:QuiteQuiescent 38 6
Returning the Favor ~Rogue Cheney x Reader~
"Son of a-," you mumble as you land with a loud thud. You wipe the blood from your mouth while the enormous four-winged cyclop bat began to swoop down towards you. You dive behind a large boulder trying to catch your breath. Your lungs struggle to contain what little air you inhale. The bat emits a weak miasma but still potent enough to slowly contaminate the surrounding air.
You notice the rock wall behind the bat who is flapping his wings hoping to blow you out of your hiding spot. You close your eyes for a brief second trying to imagine the precise moment to strike. You quickly equip a ring of swords around you and fling them towards each wing. They pin the bat to the wall and you charge toward the wriggling bat with a long double edged sword. Just as you're about to make contact, the bat wriggles free causing your swords to fly towards you. You try to deflect them but one sword cuts the right side of your cheek. The bat screeches loudly before flapping his wings again. He snatches
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Oh Cheshire Cat ~Shape Poem~ by QuiteQuiescent Oh Cheshire Cat ~Shape Poem~ :iconquitequiescent:QuiteQuiescent 2 6
A World Unlocked
    “I just don’t know anymore,” cried a girl with hazelnut hair. Her palms red from constantly wringing her hands. 
    “Anais,” spoke a woman with an older face, “you will figure something out and I didn’t say just that because I have to give you motherly advice.” Anais tilted her head to meet her mother’s gaze. Her mother cupped her cheek in her hand and said softly, “You will not lose this battle.” Anais watched the woman’s back slowly fade away.
    Anais sighed as the world around her began to melt away like water colors dripping off a canvas. She stared blankly at the implement before her. Looking around she realized her world disappeared into emptiness. She picked up the sword and unsheathed it, feeling its power surge through her body. She swung it once, then twice more until a light flickered inside.
    She held the light sword in her hand.
:iconquitequiescent:QuiteQuiescent 2 2
This Feeling Epilogue ~Sting Eucliffe x Reader~
~Several years later~
"Ahah! Take that!" a blast of white light emanated from a little girl's palms. She swept her long blonde hair out of her face. She huffs as her little brother dodges the laser. He was of smaller stature but that allowed him to move much quicker than his sister. Their unsuspecting mother happened to be in the laser's path when she came to see her children. Before she even realized what it was, she effaced the light with a swift slash of fire. 
"Shiro! How many times do I have to tell you to stop doing that? Your stance is terrible, you can't attack full force if you're thrown off balance. Bring your legs shoulder length apart. That'll make it easier for you to take a defensive position quickly too." Shiro ignores her mother's advice and runs towards her. 
"Mom! You and daddy are back from your job?" She looks up at you with sweet admiring eyes. When a strand of hair falls back in her face she furiously blows it out of the way, clearly annoyed. You laugh a
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This Feeling Ch. 11 ~Sting Eucliffe x Reader~
"Food sounds great!" Sting says smiling ear to ear. 
"So it's really over..?" Rogue asks cautiously. You look around. The town was in shambles, thick clouds of dust and dirt lingered in the air, the sky was slowing unveiling its stars again. 
"Looks like it. Although, I doubt we'll know exactly what happened until we find Natsu and the others." 
"My best bet is that they're at the castle." Sting says pointing towards the castle. You squinted to see what Sting was pointing at until you saw the giant hole in the Eclipse. 
"I wouldn't doubt it." You started maneuvering your way over the rubble. You extended your arms to keep your balance when Sting appears next to you and holds your hand. 
"I got you." The corner of his mouth curved into a clumsy smile and your cheeks turned a baby pink. Even the simplest gestures made your head dizzy now. With Rogue and the Exceeds following not far behind, it wasn't long before you reached the castle. 
"(Y/N)!!" Cana wobble
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This Feeling Ch. 10 ~Sting Eucliffe x Reader~
The fire in his eyes could not be extinguished by the tears streaming down his face. His heart ached leaving his entire chest numb. His entire body felt stiff. His fists clenched squeezing all the air out. I'm not letting you take her from me. Making a crater in the process, he leaped into the air letting his anger fuel his power. 
"(Y/n)!" Sting's voice was reaching the limits of his volume. His eyes wet with tears. The dragon's claw unbearably to close to you. Your eyes quivered with fear as the events played in your mind. You swallowed your fear and jumped onto the dragon's hand, running up it's arm. You shivered at the thought of being in a dragon's stomach and gracefully dodged the dragon's attempts to catch you. You held on for dear life when he tried to shake you off reminding yourself that you refuse to let Sting go through something like what your premonition had foretold. You were confused at what it was but if it meant a secon
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This Feeling Ch. 9 ~Sting Eucliffe x Reader~
"You think this is some kind of joke?!" Rogue says angrily.
"Well, whatever happens happens, we're a team after all. Let's show them the power of the twin dragons."
You smiled adoring their friendship but your expression quickly turned serious. Rogue and Sting dodged the incoming attacks and you tried to stay out of the way. You scanned the area trying to think of the best possible strategy. 
"I think it's probably best if you let the dragon slayers handle the dragons (y/n)." Lector says.
"Like I'd do that." you said, "Hey Lector, which is more fragile, the inside or the outside?"
"The insides of course! Everyone knows that."
"Fro thinks so too."
"Exactly what I was thinking. Now let's put that smart mouth of yours to work." You look at Sting and Rogue struggling. I don't think they have enough magic to do two unison raids. You think hard and go over all the magic you've learned. It might just work. You use telepathy to relay the plan to everyone. 
:iconquitequiescent:QuiteQuiescent 75 39
This Feeling Ch. 8 ~Sting Eucliffe x Reader~
"That's what I'd like to know..." Rogue muttered looking away from you two. Sting releases you and you both turn toward the confused duo and Frosch (I don't think Frosch cares).
"Hey guys.. how's it going?" you blushed awkwardly not knowing what to say. 
"Good but not as good as you two lately. When did this happen exactly?" Rogue asked.
"Well, you see Rogue-" Sting was interrupted by Rufus and Orga joining in.
"Caught yourself a fairy did you Sting?" Orga smirks. 
"I'll be sure to remember you," Rufus says looking you up and down. You looked at the Sabertooth members around you. This would never have happened a few days ago. 
"Wait, where's Minerva?" you asked scanning the crowd. The Sabertooth members suddenly panicked a bit and tried looking over the crowd frantically when the king of Fiore emerged. 
.....announcement, words, explanation stuff from the king......
"A thousand dragons?!" you say worried. You feel Sting's hand on your lower back trying to rea
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This Feeling Ch.7 ~Sting Eucliffe x Reader~
A/N: So I decided not to go in depth on all the fights because it's really not that important to this fanfic. 
You close your eyes, taking deep breaths trying to calm yourself down. Everything will work out. You felt like you were more stressed out than the teams themselves. Sabertooth was taking back their spot as number one in the ranks. You opened your eyes to the sound of cheering. Fairy Tail started moving and were knocking out people left and right. Your mouth slowly carved into a smile. Everything will work out, you think to yourself remembering your talk with Lisanna last night. 
Gray versus Rufus was quite the spectacle to see. The power of feelings can do wondrous things. With Fairy Tail participating now, the games were getting much more intense. Erza versus Kagura resulted in Kagura's stoic exterior to sh
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This Feeling Ch. 6 ~Sting Eucliffe x Reader~
Sting slowly lifted his head just enough for your eyes to meet. You loved the way his eyes always had a softness to them even when he was being serious or arrogant. He leaned closer to your face, almost uncomfortably close. You weren't completely oblivious to what was going on, you knew what was going to happen but you didn't want to stop it. He softly touched his lips to yours and kissed you gently. Nervously you start to kiss back but this being your first time, let's just say you weren't the best at it. Sting smirked and pulled away. Your foreheads touched as you looked down blushing. Then your eyes widened in realization and you jumped up hitting Sting's head in the process.
"Ow!" He exclaimed holding his forehead.
"What just happened? Did I really-oh god I ju-wha-I-you...." You paced the floor holding the top of your head, your fingers entangled in your hair. 
"Calm down (y/n). You really haven't kissed anyone before?" He said as he stood up and grabbed the sides of your uppe
:iconquitequiescent:QuiteQuiescent 77 13
This Feeling Ch. 5 ~Sting Eucliffe x Reader~
A/N: Warning, this chapter does have 1 curse word.
~The next day~
Today everyone had a day off from the Grand Magic Games before the finale event tomorrow.* You were hoping to spend the day with Sting but knowing Sabertooth was a very strict guild, you figured he may not be able to see you today. You decided to hang out at the pub with everyone. 
"Where's Natsu, Lucy and the others?" you asked looking around. 
"Last night Gajeel went to show them something but they haven't return yet..." Levy said worriedly.
"Well, it's still morning, maybe they're sleeping. Besides, whatever happens, they have Natsu." You took a sip of your water waiting for time to pass. 
"What's wrong (y/n)?" Erza says sitting down next to you.
"Huh? Oh nothing. Just tired." Erza raises an eyebrow at you and you try to smile showing that you're fine but you couldn't fool Erza.
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This Feeling Ch. 4 ~Sting Eucliffe x Reader~
A/N: This is one of my favorite fights in the series, and it's pretty big fight too since it lasted like THREE EPISODES, so I went really in depth on it even though I'm terrible at fight scenes. If you want to skip the fight just scroll down until you see another line. 
"Fairy Tail's Natsu and Gajeel versus Sabertooth's Sting and Rogue. And all four of them are Dragon Slayers."
Your fists rested on top of the wall in front of you. A hundred thoughts raced through your mind, unable to comprehend your feelings. You wanted Natsu and Gajeel to win, that you knew; but a part of you didn't want to see Sting in defeat either. Why do I even care about him? It's not like he cares either, all he wants is to prove him and his guild are the best. 
"Let the match begin!"
Just as Sting and Rogue were about to go in, Natsu and Gajeel suddenly punch them
:iconquitequiescent:QuiteQuiescent 78 22


Sailor Saturn Emblem by Lighane Sailor Saturn Emblem :iconlighane:Lighane 2,603 145 Star Butterfly vs the forces of evil by Usagi-Star Star Butterfly vs the forces of evil :iconusagi-star:Usagi-Star 228 17 Choose your own Elven Gown by Firefly-Path Choose your own Elven Gown :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 1,938 345 +Departing+ by larienne +Departing+ :iconlarienne:larienne 2,673 0 Snowflake the Vulpix by Stacona Snowflake the Vulpix :iconstacona:Stacona 142 8 [+Video] Commission - Lively Steps by Hyanna-Natsu [+Video] Commission - Lively Steps :iconhyanna-natsu:Hyanna-Natsu 7,474 269 +Galactic Angel+ by larienne +Galactic Angel+ :iconlarienne:larienne 2,748 27 Magical Girls: ChocoandVanilla by hieihirai Magical Girls: ChocoandVanilla :iconhieihirai:hieihirai 2,548 81 Cheshire Cat by Alexander Deboir by Deboir Cheshire Cat by Alexander Deboir :icondeboir:Deboir 209 4 Flower gleam and glow by Nekoi-Echizen Flower gleam and glow :iconnekoi-echizen:Nekoi-Echizen 113 9 Disney Princess/Heroine - Mulan by Kachumi Disney Princess/Heroine - Mulan :iconkachumi:Kachumi 266 11 Rendez-vous at Illumis by Sallynyan Rendez-vous at Illumis :iconsallynyan:Sallynyan 1,016 85 Majestic Ice Bird by Milavana Majestic Ice Bird :iconmilavana:Milavana 118 32 Boku no Hero Academia: Todoroki Shouto by Mizashi Boku no Hero Academia: Todoroki Shouto :iconmizashi:Mizashi 983 45 Boku no Hero Academia Wallpaper HD Anime by corphish2 Boku no Hero Academia Wallpaper HD Anime :iconcorphish2:corphish2 918 9 Uraraka by IanCBaker Uraraka :iconiancbaker:IanCBaker 181 16


Okay....This has been bothering me all day. Is no one else really confused about Silver/Deliora? His history doesn't add up. This is what we know from what he and Keith have told us.
-Ur used ice shell to encase Deliora in ice
-Deliora used Tartarus's Hell's core to resurrect himself-ish in Silver's body.
-Deliora learn ice demon/devil (depending on translation) slaying magic because he knows Ur's pupils use ice magic 
-Deliora was accepted into Tartarus's gang cause of his strength and unique demon slaying magic

So... how he get resurrect in Hell's core if he wasn't a member until he learned ice demon slaying magic which couldn't have happened until after he resurrected right? Am I missing something? We've had dragon, god and you guessed it, now we have demon slaying magic. Wouldn't that be helpful to have around....

On another note, as a major Gruvia shipper, I can't wait for the upcoming chapters cause I sense serious development. Two possibilities I would want to happen
1. Juvia is there to give Gray emotional support
2. Gray gets his ass beaten and Juvia saves him. (Mainly cause I love Juvia and I wish she'd have more opportunities to shine)

Also, Keith is my favorite antagonist so far. Why? Because all the major antagonists have cool names like Midnight, Deliora, Sayla, Cosmos, etc and then we have Keith...Oh Keith. Also, cause he is so talkative. Like forget actually attacking Juvia and let's do a like fortune telling along with backstory time! 

Okay, I'm done. I just needed to vent my thoughts. I woke up at 8 am, read the chapter, ate, went back to sleep so this has been haunting my dreams.

Edit: Did anyone watch the latest episode of Fairy Tail? KYAAAAA it was perfect in terms of what I love, everything else was pretty bland compared to the manga chapter. Slacked off on animation quite a bit. Laxus being a badass, Erza being awesome, Minerva getting beat, Badass Gruvia moment, really touching moment when Sting surrendered and then reunited with Lector. I cried. Not a lot cause I was still super having about everything else that happened in the episode but yeah, I wish they extended the fights though that's the only thing. Oh maybe the Gruvia moment should have been longer because Gray should have been smiling at the end of the unison raid and then go into a frown but nooo, let's just cut it so it's frowning already. But i guess that's more of a manga gruvian nitpick. But the new opening....that Juvia crying blood okay dude. Not okay.


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