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Based on many many MANY korean men hairstyles... and still there is more.... *w*
U may choose Ur fav but they all are MINE! :la:
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This is so cute! I've always loved the trendy hairstyles of South Korea, especially for the guys. They are all amazing, but my favorite is the last boy on the top row. Panda Emoji-32 (Happy Blush) [V2] 
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The majority of these are very outdated but this was made in 2011 so I can't get mad at it
still useful
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Quiss, 좋아요!
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They boy in my old English class looked just like the one on the far right...He spoke Korean too! This looks really good!
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I actually used one of those hairstyles for an OC and he looks cuter than before. Are super cute!! (and korean boys too)
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Who doesn't love pretty korean boys? >///< I wish I could adopt a phew <3 My favorites are 3, 4, 5, 8 and 13 from left to right.
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That last one xD
Glasses because is part of the hair style >: D ff
Just kidding xD

*/v/* oh my gish i think im in love with korean hair styles! specially the second of the left ! X3
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8, 11  and last maybe? Nice :D
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Emoji08 Waaaa!
Emoji02 I love it!
Emoji12 Fav! :+fav: revamp 
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I saw these all over korea!  My favorite among the college boys was the last one on the second row to the right.  
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i would love to have any of these. so damn amazing 
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10th one... hot~ XP
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11 reminds me hk from hetalia
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i love there har style's
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lovely!! well done!! and i haven't see them all in here =(
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My hairstyle is fashioned like the first one in rl. owo
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oh I liiiiike this! :)
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they are all awesome^-^
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cool ;) I love korean hairstyles!
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The top first from left looks really like Yunho. xD
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