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:new: It's been a long time coming but the way the Spiral system was set up originally wasn't something that should be maintained long term.  We've looked at what has been working and what hasn't been used, as well as reworked the amount of spirals needed for rewards in an effort to balance things out a bit more.  While we have raised Spiral cost for cash outs, we'll also be bumping spiral amounts given that were locked into the old process of it all.  Somewhere along the way the line was blurred and the value became very disproportionate.  You'll start seeing events giving larger Spiral rewards in an effort to keep things fair with the new system.  

Additionally, since raising prices tends to leave a bitter taste in peoples mouths, we'll be keeping the original Spiral prices to be used for cashing out through the rest of this month (New prices will take effect on May 1st).  This gives everyone almost 3 weeks to be able to by at the rates you were used to.  We hope that this system will work a bit better and be more balanced in the long run.  

We'll also be going through the bank and updating everyones spiral count to be rounded up to the closest 10th to help keep Spiral adding and subtractions to run smoother.   Example: If you have 123 Spirals in your bank, we'd update it to 130 Spirals.  

Spirals have long been considered sacred to the Quirlicorn breed as a spiritual symbol of growth, connectivity, and positivity. As such we felt it was time to bring on a new program which focuses on rewarding growth, connectivity, and positivity within our breed.  

Welcome to our Sacred Spirals program where you will be able to earn cool things like extra Chime points, breeding slots, Sacred Tree Dews, and even custom Quirlicorns, all in exchange for being a positive force within the breed, connecting with other members, and or/ working towards your own personal growth as an artist.  

This program aims to help members work towards Quirlicorns or Quirlicorn items they wish to acquire but may not have the :points: or cash to spend on them, while creating a positive and inviting atmosphere that keeps members engaged with their Quirlicorns and its community.  

Good Deed Spirals:
Additional Sacred Spirals will be awarded to members whom we see being a good Samaritan and helping out fellow members or even newcomers.  There are no set guidelines on how to earn extra Spirals in this manner, though it is worth noting that good deeds are generally seen by moderators, and we'd like to be able to pay it forward!  

Good Deeds don't have set Spiral amounts and are completely up to the awarding admins discretion.  

Event Spirals:
While any official events hosted through our group generally come with their own set of rewards, we'd like to expand on that and offer Spirals to participants as well.  This is our way of expressing to you how valuable your participation is to us!  

Spiral amounts will be listed in the event journal and may vary from event to event.  

Chime Point Check Spirals:
Spirals will be awarded for leveling up your Quirlicorns via Chime Point accumulation.  The overall amount of Spirals awarded is based on the level your Quirlicorn has achieved at the time of Chime Point Check as well as if that Quirlicorn has earned Spirals during a previous Chime Point check or not.  

In order to keep things consistent each Chime Point level is worth +20 Spirals, excluding the breeding age Chime Point level (5) since Starters do not require or gain anything from that Chime Point level.  

Sacred Spiral Levels:

:bulletwhite: Level 1 - 50 Sacred Spirals :bulletwhite:
+1 Lesser Sacred Tree Dew  OR
+1 breeding slot to any non mutation Quirlicorn (may be applied to Group Horses)

:bulletred: Level 2 - 100 Sacred Spirals: :bulletred:
+1 Greater or Cursed Sacred Tree Dew  OR
+1 breeding slot to any mutation Quirlicorn (may be applied to Group Horses)

:bulletwhite: Level 3 - 200 Sacred Spirals: :bulletwhite:
+1 natural semi custom import

:bulletred: Level 4 - 350 Sacred Spirals: :bulletred:
+1 natural full custom import OR
+1 nMut semi custom import

:bulletwhite: Level 5 - 500 Sacred Spirals: :bulletwhite:
+1 MutMut semi custom import OR
+1 nMut full custom import

:bulletred: Level 6 - 800 Sacred Spirals: :bulletred:
+1 MutMut full custom import

:bulletwhite: Level 7 - 1000 Sacred Spirals: :bulletwhite:
+1 MutMut full custom import with +2 monthly incentives added (some exceptions may apply)

Nova Levels:

:bulletpurple: Level 1: 5 Novas :bulletpurple: 
Gain the Phoenix' Blessing - 1 Free Phoenix Touch

:bulletpurple: Level 2: 10 Novas :bulletpurple: 
Blessed by The Sacred Dew Tree - 1 Free Monthly Incentive (companion incentive exempt) 

:bulletpurple: Level 3: 25 Novas :bulletpurple: 
Deity Blessed - Skip one leg of Deity Quests

:bulletpurple: Level 4: 50 Novas :bulletpurple: 
Kissed by Companions - Conjure a Companion without items

Cashing out/using your Sacred Spiral or Novas:
Sacred Spirals can be thought of as a type of currency within our breed.  Members are welcome to continue accumulating Sacred Spirals, or they may cash them out at levels they have reached.  

In order to cash out for a certain reward you must have at least as many Sacred Spirals as are needed for that specific reward.  Any additional Sacred Spirals will remain in your account after cashing out, allowing you to continuously accumulate more.  

Example: you have 67 Sacred Spirals and you cash out for a reward that costs 50, your account will then reflect a balance of 17 Sacred Spirals.

When you're ready to cash out your Sacred Spirals, simply note our group titled "Sacred Spiral Cash Out" and let us know which reward you wish to cash out on.

:bulletred: While we allow you to sell or gift the rewards you've earned, we do not allow the sale of or gifting of Sacred Spirals to another member.  Sacred Spirals may only be awarded by the group and are only transferable in the case of a member moving accounts.

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