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Welcome to Quirlicorns, a group dedicated to the Quirlicorn breed.

Quirlicorn Breed Sheet by Astralseed

:bulletpurple:About the breed:
Quirlicorns originated as a white breed of unicorn with markings in one color only (a second color may be added later on as your Quirlicorn evolves, Natural Quirlicorns may add one geno at that stage), a swirled horn, and a long tail of hair. With some time, natural coated (Modern) Quirlicorns have also been found. Their name comes from their swirled horn which every single Quirlicorn has, no exceptions!. For more information check out the Breed Sheet.

Quirlicorns come in temperaments of all shapes and sizes. It is really up to the owner of each individual Quirlicorn to decide what their equine is like.

Quirlicorns thrive in cooler climates, often trying to blend in with the snow and failing miserably because of their markings. They posess a thick skin under their coat which keeps them warm and is also why they require so much hair on their tails (to help keep warm). While Quirlicorns can reside in warmer climates, they may be suceptible to heat exhaustion.

Being mystical and magical creatures, Quirlicorns do not age as normal horses do. The maximum Quirlicorn lifespan is still unsure though it isn't uncommon to see Quirlicorns that are anywhere from 150-600 years old.

Quirlicorns come in many different sizes and it is still unsure exactly where limits have been placed on their sizes. Quirlicorns have been observed as being as short as 13.3hh and as tall as 19hh with a variety of body types from light to draft...

There are no restrictions on what type of events your Quirlicorn can participate in, or what you must or can not train them in, but it is worth noting that their long hairy tails are quite heavy and despite them being strong enough to carry these tails with no problems, they can and do tend to get in the way of certain things. As a result most Quirlicorns mostly train and event in magic and sparring.

Gallery Folders

286 Wataame by PrincessUnicornBaby
315 Faelden by Caynidae
Rainbow explosion by DamienMuerte
Spoopy by twilght-incantations
Registration Images
339 - ASS Sleepwalker by Astralseed
336 OTTBS Haywire by Baylili00
Quirlicorn 329:  Mirrormere by Revan-Dawnstar
Sleet 1266 registration image by Lyricanna
Imports and Resources
Custom Quirlicorn Import 334 by Astralseed
Custom Quirlicorn Import 339 by Astralseed
Custom Quirlicorn Import 336 by Astralseed
Semi Custom Quirlicorn Import 335 by Astralseed
Foal Designs
1318 Kuji by Aspen1185
Sleet #1266 by Lyricanna
1315 Quirlicorn Foal by kiinaikit
Faenus by Aspen1185
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Solstice Entries
An Explosive Celebration by Baylili00
Summer Solstice 2018 - Pride by Leliana86
Who Needs Water Anyway? by Astralseed
Lucian | Summer Solstice 2k17 | This is Fine by Midnitella


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Current Official Events

Welcome to the Quirlicorn Joust! - Monthly Event -Welcome to the Quirlicorn Joust!
Below we will outline what exactly the Quirlicorn Joust is, how this ongoing event works, how you can participate, and what types of prizes you can win by participating.  If anything is unclear or you don't fully understand something, please feel free to ask us to clarify it for you.
Quirlicorns are generally not suited for most equine eventing.  While they absolutely can participate in any form of eventing, the breed excells in sparring and use of magic above all else.  As such we're providing a safe space for these beautiful unicorns to follow their passions and do the things they are built for.  
The Quirlicorn Joust is an ongoing event, which will have new promts posted on the first of each month.  Participation in the Quirlicorn Joust is completely voluntary and there are no requirements for how often you have to participate.  While there will only be 1 prompt each month, weekly participation is permitted and encourage
Monthly Population Incentive - Magic Is In The AirHello everyone,
starting this month we will be posting fun population incentives on the first of each month.  
In the Quirliverse there is much magic to be found and many different types have yet to be discovered.  Every month a new Magic will bless foals and starters 'born' for that month with a special gift.
Population incentives are geared towards giving you fun reasons to grow your Quirlicorn herds (as if we all don't already have problems with hoarding pixel ponies already, right?!).  These incentives will run for the full month they are posted for and the goodies will apply to both foals bred and customs ordered.  
June 2018 Magic
Drip Drop, here come the waterfalls! 
All new Quirlicorns bred or imported during June 2018 will have the option of any of their longer hairs to turn into water.  With the solstice near, magic will peak this month granting new Quirlicorns with special magic.  This months magic grants new Quirlic

:star: Deadline: None, ongoing event :star:

Quirlicorn Summer Solstice Event 2018Twice a year the solstices can be observed on either side of the globe.  For this solstice we observe the Summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and the Winter solstice in the southern hemisphere.  
Quirlicorns gain their magic from the sun and moon respectively and as a result can experience magic they have not yet earned during each solstice.  
Your Quirlicorn may celebrate either solstice in this show, though please be mindful of your regions and what parts of the world are currently in Summer and which are in Winter.  
For more information on what magics and transformations are available see our Chime Points Journal.
This Solstice Quirlicorns are celebrating Pride Month in support of the LGBT community.  
In our breed we fully support love regardless of gender as evidenced by our Heaven's Wish Dew which allows same gendered Quirlicorns to breed, as well as our recent addition of bi-di

:star: Deadline: Aug 20th 11:59PM CST :star:









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