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Please visit our new hub at Quirlicorns.com
All information on this group is officially outdated and wont be updated here any longer. Please visit our website to stay up to date with the breed! All of our activity is happening on our own website until we can start accepting admin work on DA again, signing up is easy and free. We are however still accepting art submissions of your Quirlicorns here so please feel free to submit them as usual.

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Leveled Quirlicorns
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Gallery Folders

[Q] 716 Dove | May Races 2020 I by Skelaris
Fleur Runs! by LadyFenris66
Snowfall by PolarisAstrum
Revan Bucephalus by Baylili00
Registration Images
1775| Kythaela by MistMasquerade
733 TRS Kamal by ToxicFriu
1755-Purge by CoddleBath
728 Lune | Quirlicorn by Skelaris
Starters and Resources
867 by QuirlicornAdmin
875 by QuirlicornAdmin
868 by QuirlicornAdmin
869 by QuirlicornAdmin
Foal Designs
2017 by QuirlicornAdmin
2016 by QuirlicornAdmin
2010 by QuirlicornAdmin
1997 by QuirlicornAdmin
Paintings,Drawings, Literature
May Races 2021 - 2 by DamienMuerte
2021 May races - week 2 by Suzileah
May Races - Orange Juice by QueenSunshineMonster
May 2021 Races - Week 2 by Baylili00
Member Adverts
Your Character(s) Here by AngelBleuEyes
The Quirlicorn Good Deed Contest OPENIt's a great time to spread some springtime cheer among the Quirlicorn and greater HARPG community! Submit proof of your good deed to this contest and win some fabulous prizes (and extra Chime for your horses)Good deeds will be judged based on effort, creativity, and meaningfulness; not value or skill. Those who do multiple good deeds will be more likely to win.Judges: Me. @ToxicFriu and @AmethystAbyss Initially you may only enter one good deed into the contest, but you can unlock more entry spots by sharing this journal in another journal, status post, discord server, etc. Each time you enter, your good deed must be to a different user.You cannot do your good deed for any of the judges.Good deeds include but are not limited to...Gift art, gift slots, gift stories, help with art or designing, making a tutorial, helping a newbie get started, hosting a giveaway...It should be related to the quirl community or the broader HARPG community. Your good deed must be done for this contest, you may not enter something you did before this contest started.When you enter, post a link and/or screenshots as proof of your good deed. Tag any other users involved in the good deed (unless it was a giveaway with many users... Then only tag the winner(s).) If this is not your first entry, you must also post a link to where you shared this contest to unlock the entry spot. (If your good deed cannot be verified as actually happening, it will be disqualified)The contest will run until the last day of JuneJudging will be shortly after. Prizes will be delivered within one month of posting results.Prizes:First place: From me: 1 colored fullbody with BG From the Quirlicorns group: 60 Chimes, 1 Gold Booty Box, 1 Dew of Choice From @ToxicFriu 1 slot to Gary , 1 slot to Firelight , 1 slot to Lusine , 1 slot to Arabella , 1 slot to Trebuchet , and 1 slot to Here Comes The Sun2nd: From me: Colored fullbody From the Quirlicorns group: 40 Chimes 1 Silver Booty Box, 1 Dew of Choice From @ToxicFriu 1 slot to Lusine , 1 slot to Arabella , 1 slot to Trebuchet , and 1 slot to Here Comes The Sun3rd: From me: Colored headshot From the Quirlicorns group: 25 Chimes 1 Bronze Booty Box, 1 Dew of Choice From @ToxicFriu 1 slot to Lusine and 1 slot to Arabella Participation prize: Ribbon (to be posted soon)We are taking prize donations! Your good deed can NOT be a prize donation, BUT prize donations might help your score ;)
Solstice Entries
Spring Equinox 2021 by DamienMuerte
Spring Equinox 2021 by AshTheDreamer
Quirlicorn Winter Solstice  2020 by Revan-Dawnstar
Snowball Fight by DozingBear
Quirlicorn Joust
Song of Spring by QueenSunshineMonster
April 2021 Joust pas d armes by Revan-Dawnstar
Quirlicorn: April 2021 Joust Pas d'Armes by AshTheDreamer
Sand in April! by DozingBear


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Egg #16
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It might be a stupid question; but lets say someone wanted to 'import' a Quirl to a new breed, or just simply make them a normal unicorn, is there a way to 'decease' a Quirl at all and/or without using the new website? 
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How to get my first quirlicorn?
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Hello there! I won a natural custom from the Easter Egg Coloring Contest and plan to submit a design for it. Should I still fill out the customs order template and send that in first?
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