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87 Areia

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ID: # 87
Name: Areia
Pronunciation: 'A-rei-a' 
Meaning: "Melody"
Breed: Cavitto
Gender: Mare
Age: 5 years
Path: undecided (possibly dishonored)
Power: Mediumship (dominant)
Color: Sooty Perlino Minimal Sabino
Genotype: Ee Aa CrCr nSb StySty Mhd
Registry: Not yet
Guardian: Not yet
Secondary powers: Not yet
Path-Wings: Not yet
Original Design: fav.me/d5u79vs (left side only)
Full body right side: fav.me/d78wg07

:bulletpurple: Breeding Slots:
1. Euphoraza
2. sprite-light 
4. Cariannarz
5. donated in Cavitto Stocking Stuffer + Aurora Borealis won by Reldia (no breeding picture required)
6. unused
7. unused
8. unused

personality: if it will benefit her in the long run. she likes it. otherwise, begone. not motherly, even though she has many foals. worked as a 'bail bondsman' of sorts for hades.

Veratis Level: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Veratis Journal: sta.sh/0260kav6lo3d

ahhh! this mare is so pretty! :heart:
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MeerliHobbyist Digital Artist

Wow blue eyes *_*

So beautiful!

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thank you!
i've now got three perlino babies all with different eye colors. :D
i can't wait till i have time to draw them!
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MeerliHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, that sounds awesome :love:
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Oh my gosh, she's gorgeous! You're really lucky. :XD:
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aww, thanks! i was really excited when i saw her previous owner had her for sale!
she has a few unused breeding slots, so i'm planning on doing an art auction for them sometime toward the beginning of march. ^^
i just haven't figured out if people would prefer breeding slots or foal genos. :)
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If it was me, I think I'll prefer breeding slots. And you're welcome!
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You have a full Perlino herd now! :giggle: she's beautiful :)
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lol, yup. ^^
i've got 3 of the 6 pelino starters. i'm so excited to have her!
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