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Zooshock Infinite

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:iconziegelzeig: has been more than kind to help me out on a project. With how busy I am and how busy I am soon to be I wanted to make sure I had time to create some of the things I wanted to draw. And this was requested from a friend of mine and I totally wanted to do it, but since I was so swamped I needed help. Zeigelzeig being a wonderful and kind person was more than willing to provide an art trade with me. And provided me the picture of Nick and Judy, I was able to enjoy adding the background and colors. And yet again this is another game I have crossover-ed and never played before. ^^ Zeig also posted this to his gallery so feel free to see what he has to say about it. And if you aren't following him, REPENT! He is great and has an amazing feel and style to his work

Zooshock Infinite by ZiegelzeigHere is the link to Zieg's post.
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It's nice to see how you've creatively melded elements of the steampunk aesthetic with their character designs while setting up a detailed backdrop as well.
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Zeig did Nick and Judy I just did the backdrop, but thanks. I tried my best to match the colors and angle of the poster.
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No problem! =^-^=
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I WILL WRITE THIS even though it's probably already been done Nick Wilde (Deleted Scene) - Icon 

Edit: Also this piece has a lot of effort put into it, the sheer detail in the linework is amazing. If I didn't know better I'd think this was a professional B:I poster.
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^^ Zeig did amazing on the drawing. And thanks, good luck on the story.
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Let's hope this ends better for them than it did in the actual game haha.
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Absolutely fantastic! This work is so good. I love the overall composition and the way the characters are depicted. The expressions are great too.
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^^ Thanks so much Anglo
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Bravissima Bravo!!!

Two of my favorites: Bioshock & Zootopia
Great cross-over, pal!!!

Timon -  Applause Timon -  Applause Timon -  Applause Timon -  Applause 
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^^ Thank you so very much
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Lovely! You both did awesome with your respective parts on this, it came out really well. :D
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