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Fallout Zootopia Fanfic Cover

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This is a cover for another Fallout Zootopia Fanfic by Nehkles. His story follows the zootopia cast in the story of Fallout 4. Or at least I think it's fallout 4. I still haven't played the games. Anyway if you want to check it out…
here it is. 
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I'd imagine that bono is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel.:) (Smile) 
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Todd Howard: It just works.
This is PERFECT. La la la la  
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Thanks, I can't claim I thought of it, It's just a cover for someone.
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ive had this idea but it was so I could just shoot zootopia stuff
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This is actually an interesting concept I'm going to have to play around with. I'd switch their roles around, where Nick is from the Wasteland and Judy is a Vault-Dweller; or at least comes from a Vault that interacts and trades with the Wasteland. Thinking over the plots of both the movie and the games, I can see Judy seeking to join the Regulators or some order-maintaining group and comes across Nick during the course of her peacekeeping, possibly even encountering him beforehand and learning the ways of the Wasteland from him before she learns he's a criminal (I can't see Nick as a raider; he's not psychotic, stupid, or brave enough for that kind of work). Siding with Zootopia's plot, I could see Bellweather being part of either the Enclave or Brotherhood of Steel (both groups are huge bigoted pricks by FO4) with the outward goal of wanting to bring peace and stability, but in truth just wanting to genocide the mammals of the Wasteland and/or all preds in general because the preds survived in the Wasteland much easier than the prey have and blame preds for the bombs dropping in the first place. Nighthowlers as a drug probably wouldn't work in the Fallout Universe (they already have Psycho), but using it as "Project/Operation Nighthowler" and some biological FEV weapon would make it fit. And that's about all I can think of off the top of my head. 

I'd personally try to avoid borrowing heavily from any of the Fallout games and just use elements of the Fallout Universe, focusing my efforts instead of mimicking Zootopia's plot or coming up with a custom one in order to avoid copycatting. Mix in some Zitopia elements and create a plot-twist element involving or referring to Wilde Times and I don't see it being too difficult. This is definitely something I'm going to have to play around with. 

If I ever have time to write anything more than a basic storyboard and plot synopsis is, unfortunately, another animal entirely, so if anyone wants to take these ideas and run with them, feel free. Just put a link to your story in the comments, because I'd love to read it. 
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Sounds like great ideas. I've never played the games so this is all Greek to me. :/
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Why haven't I seen this sooner! This is fan-fricken-tastic!
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^^ Thanks! The fanfic itself is great too. 
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YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I should probably link the fanfics to the covers shouldn't I? ^^
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I saw it never mine.
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'Tis a very well written story, that is VERY cool of you to create cover art for someone's story like this. Well deserved of the author as well. And just good job with the cover art in general! The wheel, the rust, Nick and Judy, the costumes. All the kudos to you. 
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*gets buried in an avalanche of "Kudos"* *muffled* "Thanks!"
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This is awesome, I love this video game, and the movie was gr8
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This is awesome! :squee:
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^^ Thanks KungFuFreak!!
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You're very welcome! :heart: 
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