Inkblazers shutting down and the future of SIN

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Those of you who follow SIN closely may have heard the unfortunate news that Inkblazers will be shutting down completely in a couple of months and are curious as to what I'll be doing with my comic/manga series from here.

To be honest, I'm not sure! The announcement came quite sudden for artists/authors as well. It's a good thing SIN started out as a side project for me and although it has grown rather substantially over the past 5 years under inkblazer's sponsorship I'm not quite as devastated as some of the other premium authors who relied on the income.

So where do we go from here? Well... I'd like to continue working on it regardless so I guess SIN will be moving to another comic-hosting-community like smackjeeves or taptastic. I don't know what the best options are out there though, so I'm open to suggestions!

Frankly, if inkblazers shut down 2 years ago or even last year I would've been like "Welp, that's it. No more SIN!" but quite recently I've gotten back into writing and the series has become my only tangible creative outlet for original artwork which I think is something I just need to have. That being said I'm very interested in making SIN a success, find an actual credible publisher to take it like Onipress, Darkhorse or whatever! I have no experience with the publishing scene either though so I guess it'll be an adventure? Hahaha, wish me luck!

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SIN is one of my favorite comics right now, I hope you find a way to keep it running!
Quirkilicious's avatar
Thanks! All I need to keep it running is fans like you to keep reading and sharing the series :]
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I wish you the best of luck.
so where are you going to move sin to?
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Tapastic would be great, I found almost every comic/manga I was reading on Inkblazers there.
CnB-Kevin's avatar
Oh, man. That sucks. I really hope you continue making SIN, I really want to see where the story will go. At the time of writing this comment, I only read volume 1 (because somebody forgot to bring volume 2 to Montreal Comic Con) and I am looking to get the other volumes at a certain point.
VanessaFardoe's avatar
I'm glad to hear you'll still be putting some of your creative efforts into SIN.  It's too bad about Inkblazers shutting down out of no where.  Your readers will follow you wherever you put it up.  ^^
AlkseeyaKC's avatar
Smack Jeeves or Tapastic works for me. I hear its best to make your own site. =3

lol I just bought Vol. 1 form the Ink Blazers market. Came to see where I can follow your comic! I love it. I'm happy you are not giving up!
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It's unfortunate for you, but as someone who could never figure out how to navigate Inkblazers I'm kind of excited that now the comic may be more accessible to me so I can fully read it (I only get the snippets of art here on DA and it looks amazing).
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SIN looks awesome. Don't let it die...
CoreZmanga's avatar
well i can suggest weebtoon
they are currently having a contest to becom a featured member and the grand prize is 35 000 usd. if you enter im pretty confident youll win.
Wolfbane9's avatar
That makes me immensely sad. ):
AngelsArcher's avatar
Ahh that's very unfortunate news indeed :( Wish you the best of luck finding a new publisher! 
VentariousZer0's avatar
That sucks that Inkblazers is shutting down, I've been a fan of yours since the early days of you doing SIN. But I'm sure you'll find another site that will host this wonderful story. :) Don't give up Drake!
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I was wondering about it and i'm glad to hear you will continue the series, Patreon is a great alternative and so is Tapastic. Anyway, good luck man, keep up the awesome work.
MissMoxxxi's avatar
Yes, Patreon is definitely better than Tapastic!! ^.-
The support system at great.
Shibiusa's avatar
Well, I follow up some manhwas from Naver. I don't know if it offers good conditions, but they have an english website. Why not checking it?
Argoid's avatar
Try image, there have been several times that they accepted webcomics and stuff and publishing it.
ipzofakto's avatar
The whole problem was the sole purpose of their existence was to be a middleman. Yes, they performed a service for artists, but the service is one that individual artists could easily take on by their own. Aggregate sites for creative content are a dinosaur like print magazines.
Chame's avatar is a thing. A lot of the webcomics I read are hosted on there, although I don't know if there is any sort of business model or how it works for the creator to monetize their content. 
Nickybob's avatar
Best of luck to you. I'm sure whatever you decide to do you'll do it well. ☺️
scowlingelf's avatar
Best of luck!! I love your comic (I pop by at every convention we're both at to pick up a volume (and usually prints, too))!
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I wish you the best luck! I think it will all work out somehow ;) but a deal with such a publisher would be f*cking fantastic!! I'll cross my fingers for you ^.-
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