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Added my Twitch, although I mostly just stream myself playing games. I will make an effort to upload art videos there though!

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Hey guys! After much encouragement and urging from my friends and better half I've finally decided to give the whole Patreon thing a whirl~


I'll be offering what most artists on there have such as Sketches, Progress shots and Full downloadable PSD's. You will also be able to affect what I draw in the future through a voting system!

If you're interested in how I work, or just want to see more illustrations from me please support my Patreon and I promise I won't let you guys down! :]
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SIN has successfully moved and settled on! With the release of Chapter 50 I've decided to host an Art Contest to celebrate how far the series has come! 

This will be the 2nd Art Contest that I've held for SIN, the first one back in 2012 had over 60 submissions, let's try to beat that number!


So a big huge thank you to those who participated in this year's art contest! SIN's been having ups and downs due to my busy schedule and I hope to hold more events like these in the future to keep the fanbase up and about! Anyway without further adieu here are the winners of the 2015 SIN Art Contest:

1st Place

  • KuroiChoucho
  • I absolutely adore the stylization, and loving the vibrancy with the color choices. I've always planned to make Enyo an Anime/Manga/Gamer enthusiast so it's really cool to see her portrayed that way by someone else, I also appreciate the thought put into the Anime/Manga choices thrown in the illustration that reflect SIN as a series.

2nd Place
  • Shayola
  • The fire and ice motif between Kaden and Zerus as characters is something I always wanted to play with and here it's done cleverly with the carving and juggling. Also really appreciating the traditional media and duality approach with the composition!

3rd Place
  • dragonguard89
  • When designing Hideyoshi I took some inspiration from GITS's Batou who always had a thing for "classic cars", I really like the idea that Yoshi also has a thing for refurbishing outdated vehicles and appreciating their old school technlolgy. Also really dig the garage-lit atmosphere/textures, glow off the motorcycle and ruggedly-handsome thing he's got going there, hahaha!

Early Bird
  • imatumor
  • This super clever idea to the "hobby" approach encompassing various characters really grabbed my attention. The thought put into each video thumbnail really shows the reader's passion for the series and what they know about the characters. Excellent stuff!

To claim the cash portion of your rewards please email me with the address associated with the PAYPAL that you'd like to receive it! For the other portion I will contact you all individually but it might take awhile since I'm going on a trip to Australia in a couple of days for two weeks!


June 10th
I was hoping to announce the winners to coincide with the release of Chapter 51, but it looks like I might have to work double time to make that happen... regardless winners will be announced tomorrow :]

If your submission is not in the submissions area at this point you probably haven't shared it on my profile yet!

June 7th
Deadline for the Art Contest is today, any stragglers better work it! :]

May 6th
Hey guys! The deadline is quickly closing in and I'm having a few people ask for an extension and after much consideration based on submission turnout (scroll down to view what we have so far, btw!) I've decided to extend the contest for another month! As compensation to people who have already thrown in their entry I'll be adding an "Early Bird" Prize that only entries before May 7th are eligible to receive!

So keep them beautiful pieces of artwork coming! :D

April 28th
There's a little more than a week left to submit your Artwork for the contest! The deadline will be the end of May 7th! Take a look at the submissions so far at the bottom to see what you're up against! ;]

April 8th
Hey guys! The contest has been announced for almost exactly a month now, I hope you're all working hard on your submissions! My convention season has started so it looks like SIN will be sitting at 50 Chapters for a bit. With 1800 readers and growing I really hope the number of submissions exceeds the previous contest!

That said there are currently 4 submissions that you can check out in the bottom, good luck and most importantly have fun!

March 17th
So it's been roughly a week since the contest was announced and I've already got 3 entries! Which is surprising considering last time I held one of these I didn't get a submission until like the last week before the deadline, hahaha! Anyway you can check them out in the "Submissions" section at the bottom.

I'll be attending three conventions in the next few weeks (Toronto Comicon, Emerald City Comic Con, and Fan Expo Vancouver) so if you'd like to pick up some art or rather LIMITED hard copies of SIN come by and visit! Also can't wait to see more submissions!

On another note, here is Kevin Libranda's first place entry from the 2012 contest!:
SIN Art Contest by kevinTUT


Incentive! All cash components are in USD and will be distributed via PAYPAL.

1st Place
  • $100
  • An opportunity to visually design a character that will be in SIN!
2nd Place
  • $75
  • Sketch Commission
3rd Place
  • $25
  • Sketch Commission
Early Bird (Before May 7th entries)
  • $20


  • Draw ANY character(s) from SIN performing a "hobby" that you may think they would have (video games, cooking, reading etc.)
  • I will be judging all applications based on both Concept and Technical Skill
  • All submissions may be uploaded on Deviantart or any external websites.
  • All submissions MUST be shared on my wall, making an account is easy and free!
  • There will be a limit of 3 submissions per person.
  • All submissions must be in before May 7th extended to June 7th!


Send an email of your image attached to
  • Subject as "SIN Art Contest 2015"
  • Artist Description: (Optional, talk about your work!) 
  • Tapastic Acc: (URL of your profile)
  • Deviantart/External link: (Optional, URL of your submission)


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Well February is here and SIN has officially moved over to, to commemorate the occasion I have recreated Chapter 1! If you're a fan of the series this is a crucial moment to show it, as the sponsorship from has ended!

SIN: Chapter 1 Redux by Quirkilicious 

Currently there are 42 Chapters available, I will release the latest updates (up to Chapter 49) once I enable the Supporter program that requires 500 Subscribers!

Long story short, please share/like/subscribe SIN on Tapastic if you would like to see more content! As always I encourage fans to leave comments and be as vocal as possible! :]
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Those of you who follow SIN closely may have heard the unfortunate news that Inkblazers will be shutting down completely in a couple of months and are curious as to what I'll be doing with my comic/manga series from here.

To be honest, I'm not sure! The announcement came quite sudden for artists/authors as well. It's a good thing SIN started out as a side project for me and although it has grown rather substantially over the past 5 years under inkblazer's sponsorship I'm not quite as devastated as some of the other premium authors who relied on the income.

So where do we go from here? Well... I'd like to continue working on it regardless so I guess SIN will be moving to another comic-hosting-community like smackjeeves or taptastic. I don't know what the best options are out there though, so I'm open to suggestions!

Frankly, if inkblazers shut down 2 years ago or even last year I would've been like "Welp, that's it. No more SIN!" but quite recently I've gotten back into writing and the series has become my only tangible creative outlet for original artwork which I think is something I just need to have. That being said I'm very interested in making SIN a success, find an actual credible publisher to take it like Onipress, Darkhorse or whatever! I have no experience with the publishing scene either though so I guess it'll be an adventure? Hahaha, wish me luck!

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Before I get into this I want to apologize for sounding preachy, but a growing pet peeve of mine over the years as I converse with peers at Artist Alleys is an increase of fanart that's not actually by fans.

What I mean are all these illustrators flocking to the scene that for the most part, just spit out work of popular subject matter for the sake of sales.

Now I'm not naive, many artists sign up at Artist Alley are clearly there for the income and that's totally cool but come on guys. At their core, comic/anime conventions should be about gathering with others to celebrate geeky shit you're passionate about. It's about sharing your fandoms with others, right? Ideally.

So when I see a booth that is mostly composed of say... League of Legends lady pinups I'd be like "Oh cool, this person plays League too! I should totally geek out with them" but after a quick exchange of words it turns out they don't actually play. Or they did, like once but don't really like it. They're in it for the money.

Finding this out as a fan and fellow artist, it feels like a punch to the gut. Don't get me wrong though, I completely get the logic behind it. Currently League of Legends is one of the most played games in the world, the following is nothing short of ludicrous. You'd be stupid not to spit out a pinup of Jinx/Ahri/Vi etc. right? Cause Sex sells. Pinups are clearly where it's at.


That's just one example though, there's a plethora of fandoms I'm into that I see misrepresented all the time and it's something I grind my teeth at for practically every show. But really, who the fuck am I to tell people what they should draw? Absolutely no one, I'm not important.

I'm just a guy who's asking... draw things you really care about. If you're going to shit on licenses and do fanart the least you can do is be a fan.

Alright so my 2014 convention run is over, usually this means I'll be taking on a buttload of new freelance contracts from companies and commission work from DA!

Unfortunately for those of you interested in the above mentioned, I've decided to buckle down on my manga/comic SIN instead! So I'll be trying to push out new chapters more frequently, hosting art contests, and the like! THAT WILL BE ALL~

  • Toronto Comic Con March 7-9 2014
  • Emerald City Comic Con March 28-30 2014
  • Fan Expo Vancouver April 18-20 2014
  • CCEE April 24-27 2014
  • Fan Expo Regina May 3-4 2014
  • Ottawa Comic Con May 9-11 2014
  • Otafest May 16-18 2014
  • Anime North May 23-25 2014
  • Japan Expo July 2-6 2014
  • London Film & Comic Con July 11-13 2014
  • San Diego Comic Con July 24-27 2014
  • Animethon Aug 8-10 2014
  • Anime Revolution Aug 22-24 2014
  • Fan Expo Aug 28-31 2014
  • Montreal Comic Con Sept 12-14 2014
  • ECEE Sept 26-28 2014
  • NYCC Oct 9-12 2014
  • C4 Oct 31- Nov 2 2014
Follow my Tumblr to stay tuned!

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Hey guys, first of all it's roughly 6 hours until New Years over here so yay for that!

Secondly I'm afraid I'll have to close commissions once again as I've recently been put on a huge concept/character illustrating project that'll probably be eating up most of time. (along side SIN of course)

For those of you who are already on the Commission list, don't fret! I'll be wrapping your order up in the following months between work :]
Hey guys, I've been feeling kinda lazy lately so I'm re-opening commissions to get productive! For more information click here
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The Ol' Workstation

Going back to work, commissions and more!

So my monster list of 2013 conventions ended a couple weeks ago, I was just too lazy to recap my New York Comicon and C4 trip and at this point it just seems kind of irrelevant so MOVING ON~

I'll be going back to a more regular work schedule, as such I'm looking forward to re-opening Commissions some time soon with reduced prices! Mostly for a better excuse to draw more instead of playing video games (unless of course I get thrown on another iOS/Android game project~)

I'll also be trying to put time in completing a Full Color Artbook featuring basically all my digital paintings including tutorials and details of my process!

I think that's all the exciting "news" I've got going, to keep up to date with my stuff follow my Tumblr, later guys n' gals!
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2013 Convention Schedule (ECEE recap)

Tue Mar 5, 2013, 11:24 AM
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Upcoming Convention:

Ah yes, the big apple. <3


I've been so busy with work that Con season kind of crept up on me this year. SHIT IS STRESSFUL YO.

Drop by for a 8.5' x 11'' Sketch commission or to buy 12.5' x 19'' Prints of my illustrations and volumes of SIN! Here's a complete list of conventions the girlfriend and I'll be attending this year:
  • Emerald City Comic Con, Seattle, March 1st - 3rd
  • Toronto Comicon, Toronto, March 9th - 10th
  • Fan Expo Vancouver, Vancouver, April 20th - 21st
  • Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, Calgary, April 26th - 28th
  • Ottawa Comiccon, Ottawa, May 10th - 12th
  • Otafest, Calgary, May 17th - 19th
  • Anime North, Toronto, May 24th - 26th
  • Animethon, Edmonton, August 9th-11th
  • Fan Expo Toronto, Toronto, August 22nd-25th
  • Montreal Comiccon, Montreal, September 13th-15th
  • Edmonton Comic & Entertaintment Expo, Edmonton, September 28th-29th
  • New York City Comic Con, New York, Ocotober 10th - 13th
  • Central Canada Comic Con, Winnipeg, November 2nd - 4th

I'll be updating this journal entry with this years photos and recaps or you should just all follow my Tumblr for real-time photo updates 8]


Had a really great time! I got a table across from :iconmatteoscalera: and :iconericcanete:, two of my biggest art-heroes!

Then I went to party hard have dinner and go out for drinks with these coo guys a couple of nights, which was a real pleasure ;]


Got to hang out with my better half bro :iconjimbobox: and his ladeh :iconkimchii: in my favorite Canadian city! The convention itself was kinda small but that's okay since I had to man my table solo this time around and I still felt a lil' busy. Also my friend :iconchasingartwork: was there kicking ass and taking names!

I'm still in Toronto at the moment, we're looking at property! Planning to move here sometime in the future :d


The folks over at the West coast keep me super busy, haha. Even though the convention floor is small and it only lasts 2 days Fan Expo Vanc is a tremendously generous experience! I even had someone from Bandai Namco Studios drop by interested in throwing me on a project and also got to meet some of my co-workers from DeNA Studios Canada! Also ran into SIN fans which STILL bewilders me to this day. I'm really surprised at how large the fanbase has grown!

:iconandreatamme: and I mostly hung out with :iconchasingartwork: all weekend. Walked around the rainy downtown area looking for hot restaurants to eat at. :d


Despite it being my hometown I don't like Calgary, it's a pretty sorry excuse for a city. However, when it's time to throw down a comic convention CCEE's Artist Alley is THE TITS. I don't know why but it's still our best show (it holds records yo) even after New York & Emerald City (Seattle) so thanks to any of you that stopped by and grabbed my stuff, much appreciated! Also, much love to everyone who kept hassling me about getting SIN Volume 3 out, haha.

Usually I don't do jack at conventions except chatting it up with other artists but my top two favorite Game of Thrones characters decided to visit this year and I had my little sister helping out so we could step away from the table. :iconandreatamme: and I had the most enthralling experience ever meeting Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey

These two amazingly down-to-earth individuals were nothing short of awesome. Headey's so hilariously upbeat and inappropriate while Dinklage had this whole charming, kind gentlmen vibe about him. In fact, he took home a print of my Tyrion Lannister piece!

We ended up hanging out with :iconchasingartwork: and his buddy all weekend again except this time we took them to our favorite restaurants in Calgary. WE HAD LOTS OF MEAT. (Korean BBQ & Chinese Hot Pot)


So Andrea and I caught the worst case of food poisoning on Friday night at this con hahaha. We both woke up vomiting Saturday morning (waking up :iconjimbobox: and his girlfriend whom we were sharing a room with, OOOOOPS <3) and feeling like complete shit. Of course, I didn't want the trip to be completely unsalvageable so I built up the strength to come on to the convention floor anyway.

What resulted was an interesting game of hide-behind-the-table-and-vomit-into-a-garbage-can-while-no-one-was-looking. I think I ended up saving the day because I managed to make sales while busting out a smile and everything but boy was that tough :|

My good friend :iconchasingartwork: and his girlfriend helped out a lot while we were sick though, I think I owe him dinner or a kidney. Haha <3


Everyone has their humble beginnings, I guess Otafest was mine. It was the first convention I ever went to as an attendee and as an artist! Despite my lack of enthusiasm towards Anime/Manga over the years I still come back to it~ (Well the fact that it's local also makes it quite convenient but let's not cheapen the sentiment, hahaha)

I was stupidly busy this year which might've been a direct result from our location or the fact that :iconyanimator: and :iconnayuki-chan: weren't there kicking my ass (hahaha), either way it was a real pleasant surprise to see that my work still finds a lot of love with a slightly different demographic.

Here are plugs to some artist pals and new ones that I had the pleasure of meeting/talking to there!
:iconkamaniki: :iconmangokappu: :iconbrownrabbits: :iconcypritree: :iconelisetrinh:


I won the table lottery for this convention that I've never been to, so I went in somewhat blind. It was also a little daunting not being allowed to display some of my work (They had a Marvel & Reboot ban, heh) so you can imagine my glee when it turned out to be my busiest convention so far this year and easily among my top 3 of all time!

I guess I'm used to Alberta's tiny Anime Conventions (being primarily a Comic Convention attendee) because I was really impressed with the scale of AN! From the Vendor's room, to Artist Alley and just the amount of panels activities, it was a change for sure.

So aside from people mistaking me for a Sheridan graduate (I guess that's a "thing" there, hahaha) the crowd was pretty much the norm! Ended up meeting / hanging out / print trading with some pretty cool people over the weekend including:


and of course my bro

By the way a bunch of us discovered the greatest all-you-can-eat sushi place ever, 168Sushi! The restaurant looked great and the food was damn good quality, also you got to order food off of these cool tablet things! It felt very uh... sci fi? Hahaha.


Ugh I have work up the wazoo so let's get this out of the way~ This is another small local con I attend out of convenience and it's Anime SOOO I don't care much for the vendors n' such hahaha.

This was SIN Volume 3's premier convention though and I completely sold out of the thing! Which was pretty stellar because local cons are really the only ones that allow me to bring such a large stock without being constricted by the weight limits of flying. (And I'm too cheap to ship them, derp~)

We got a pretty sick spot this year by the entrance too! So our cumulative sales went up even though I've been so swamped with work that I couldn't muster any of the new prints I had planned.

My little sister came along to help, so I got to sick back and take on my sketch commissions. The lot of us hung out with the usual Anime convention crowd and some new faces from Otafest. It was coo.


This is probably one of my favorite cons, mostly because of the industrial (Marvel/DC, Ubisoft, Hasbro, etc.) and celebrity (Firefly, Game of Thrones, Defiance etc.) presence, it's the biggest convention in Canada and the many vendors actually cater to my interests (Although that's a bit of a double edged sword, because I end up spending a lot!)

It also doesn't hurt that it always gets nice n' busy for me every year (if you dropped by and you're reading this, thanks!) and the job offers I get are actually worth considering~ ;D

On top of that it's where all the talent goes, got to hang out n' chat with my usual buddies who I've mostly dubbed as "Sheridan" at this point

Some new faces were:
:iconcosmicspectrumm: who's actually a real fuckin' cool gal and draw's the prettiest people ever
:iconlucidsky: Apparently a fan? Haha. Seriously though, fun to do shit with. ;]

Alright back to work for me, till next time~


Whoa! I totally forgot to write this. Uh, great city! We finally realized that Chinatown was a block away from the convention center so we basically hung out there every night trying the different restaurants and all that. We had All-you-can-eat Sushi twice and Andrea ended up going to a Chinese pastry place like every day to pick up a "treat", haha

Got to get together with some old friends like:
:iconchasingartwork::iconjimbobox: and a new face as well, Mike Maydak! Whoooo does not seem to have a deviantart? xP

Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo

Zoooooom, local convention! About a 4 hour drive, and it only lasts 2 days so it felt like a warm up for New York. I really enjoy the fact that it's so short though, since it condenses the amount of busy-ness! I was also rather impressed with the vendors, ended up buying a couple of things for myself :]

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Trying to make time

Hey watchers, followers, whatever you guys want to call yourselves! Just wanted to drop in and give a little report on the front lines of my life :]

Work, work, work, I've been working! I know a lot of people say that when they don't update but I'm serious, here's exactly how much I'm juggling around:
  • Urban Rivals (Character Concept art)
  • Gameview Studios: Fatal Frontier (Character Concept Sketches/Lineart)
  • DeNA Studios Canada: GI Joe project (Character Lineart)
  • SIN (Sequential art)
  • MADSOFT Games: Project Velyria (Character Concept art)
  • Comicmania Customs: MtG variants (Character art)
  • Other stuff: A book cover and a bunch of sketches

A lot of stuff yea? Well, not my point.

The thing is, I know something like 90% of you watch me for my pop-paintings which I really enjoy doing but being a freelancer I have great difficulty saying "no" to good paying jobs. As a result I just don't have that much time to go paint something for the fun of it these days.

However, it's no secret that I owe most of my success to the DA community & internet fandoms for giving me copious amounts of exposure during/coming out of Art College, getting a job came like a breeze! Doing pop paintings has always been kind of my way of giving back to you guys.

So bottom line is, I want to find more time to get back into it. Paintings of things I love, for people who love them. Yea? Okay.

Here's a link to a few sketches of initial ideas on Tumblr and here's to hoping I'm not a huge flake and actually get to them!

SIN ART CONTEST (Winners Announced!)

Thu Oct 4, 2012, 12:11 PM
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Alright, without further adieu I'm here to announce the winners! The judging process was painfully difficult, what with so many of you doing an amazing job and all that I actually had to ask some friends around on their opinion of the whole thing! Anywho, please contact me via Email or DA notes to receive your awards :]

Each entry is judged based on Technical Skill and Concept for a total score, congratulations to our winners! Also once more, I'd like to give a tremendous thank you to those who participated. :]

1st: Kevin Libranda
T: *****
C: **

The guy behind Novus Karma manages to make my own characters look better than the way I draw them! Haha. Seriously though the color, composition, character (Enyo's face! <3) and just overall finesse of the thing is really impressive and a testament to his skills.

2nd: ArtCraawl
T: ***
C: ****

For all the action, explosions and badassery in SIN I like to make note that it's very character driven. Just seeing these 3 lounging around with all their characterizations intact really hits a soft spot for me. They're even wearing casual/civilian clothes which I find really refreshing from the getups I have to draw over and over, haha!

3rd: SHiRO
T: **
C: *****

I think this entry is the only one that seriously took the whole "No Rules" aspect of this contest to heart to create a narrative! The characterization of Zerus here is spot on and there's an emotional component to the piece that only a real fan could replicate.

People often forget 137 who's the closest thing Enyo really has to a friend, I really like how he's just handing her a lemonade here, also the Kaden sandman is a really nice touch! The style's also quite refreshing from the norm of entries!
T: ***
C: ***


Amazing entries that I failed to give an award and entries that I thought were simply worth mentioning, better luck next time!
Also feel free to browse through ALL THE ENTRIES HERE!

Juhani - Great rendering of Kaden having a good time at the skate park :]
T: ****
C: **

doppelganger95 - Really great use of color and shadows, also a really attractive painting style!
T: ****
C: *

PockoChi - Again, great painting skills demonstrated here, I also find it highly amusing to see Zerus with a baby-face. Haha!
T: ****
C: *

nursury0 - Essentially the whole main cast, I like the casual-walk-in-one-direction approach. What makes it really great are all the little details / interactions that highlight their character though!
T: ***
C: ***

OJanSan - Works in the same way Art Crawwl's submission grabbed my attention. I'm a sucker for video games and the expressions are so grizzly!
T: **
C: ****

Rivalhopeso - Zerus looks really good here with a little play on perspective to fill the whole page! With the background and color the overall design of it is quite excellent!
T: ***
C: **

arob707 - Just the sheer amount of illustrative components in this is really cool, it's one of the few entries with a coherent background too!
T: ***
C: ***

Richard Cannon - Zerus in his uhh... super-badass-form that I only showed briefly in one chapter! I still haven't finalized the design on it and Richard makes his own rendering!
T: *
C: ***

Agatha Claire - I love flashback scenes, and I just adore all the leather jackets/vests. Totally reminds me of 90's gangs, haha!
T: **
C: ***

Tsart68 - Cruella! Why she's dual wielding swords of FIRE is beyond me but pretty cool stuff!
T: ***
C: *

Stf74 - Also one of the few who created a sort of narrative aspect to his entry, kudos!
T: **
C: ***

Skona - Yin and Yan! One of the few entries that isn't Enyo or the main cast, I was actually hoping for more submissions of side characters in general. T^T
T: **
C: *

Kashawn Henrey - It's like... SUPER SAIYAN JABARI.
T: **
C: **

Talikira - Don with Pokemon. WHAT IS HAPPENING.
T: *
C: ***

Blarghy - Lena, almost as obscure as Don as far as characters go. Haha


Winners announced!

Hey everyone, just got back from my 5 day trip in Hawaii here! The deadline for the contest has passed and with a total of 71 entries I'll be a busy bee for the next few days judging these guys. Honestly the process is a lot harder than I thought it'd be with so many exceptional submissions I'm going to really hate not having enough awards for everyone! :<

A couple of things! First please make sure your contest entry is listed below in the "Submissions" area and can be seen here for judging. Secondly a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in the contest. I cannot stress enough how much I deeply appreciate the art all of you created from SIN, it means a lot!

Hopefully I'll be able to announce results in a timely manner, I've got a lot of work to get to already from the New Year! <3

With the end of the world behind us and holidays approaching also comes the final deadline for the art contest! Please get whatever submissions you can in before January 1st and don't be alarmed if I don't put it in the "Submissions" area because I'll be away rolling in the sands of Hawaii from the 25th to the 1st!

Hey everyone, so the Early Bird deadline is due and to those of you still looking to enter you have January 1st! Also I wanted to say thank you for all the submissions so far, seeing other people draw your characters is a really enthralling experience! It truly makes me wish I had more awards to give out T_T <3

Alright so with the recent poll I made regarding the contest I've decided to extend the deadline an additional month! (January 1st)

But to be fair, I'll also be adding a "Early Bird" award/prize with exclusive consideration to those who submitted for the initial deadline. This way your promptness doesn't go unrewarded! :]

Half the month is up but I'm kinda bummed sitting here with only 10 submissions! When I did the poll… to ask who'd be interested in a SIN art contest 375 of you said yes...  So here's to hoping you're all just hardcore procrastinators and I'm not gettin trolled! Haha.

Over 10 submissions so far! Wooooo, thanks everyone for participating so far 8D Scroll to the bottom to have a look!

So convention season for me is finally over (just got back from C4) and I guess this is the prime month for submissions since the contest ends the 1st of December~ There are 3 submissions so far so keep ehm coming!

Alright guys, I know the deadline is all the way in December but it'd be nice to at least see one submission by now T^T


SIN recently hit over 1000 fans over at I figured I should finally get to some promotion for the series over here on DA! (other than posting Chapter updates, heh) What's possibly better than an art contest for that sort of thing? (Actually I just had no other ideas, hahaha)

I have very little experience with hosting or taking part in these things so I'm going to apologize in advance if I forget to provide any information! Anyway, if you're interested in entering please keep reading~


What's that? Incentive? Oh yea here are the prizes, hahaha. All cash components are in USD and will be distributed via PAYPAL.

Sketch Commission
An opportunity to visually design a character that will appear in SIN

Sketch Commission

Sketch Commission

Early Bird:
An opportunity to visually design a character that will appear in SIN


Draw ANY character(s) from SIN (Here's most of the main cast……………, but I'd love art of any supporting characters just as much!)
I will be judging all applications based on both Concept and Technical Skill.
All submissions can be uploaded on Deviantart or any external websites.
All submissions MUST also be uploaded on as an ILLUSTRATION, they're my sponsors that made this entire series possible! Sign up is free so just make an account!
There will be a limit of 3 submissions per person.
All submissions must be in before December 1st


Send a DA note with the following information

Subject as "SIN Art Contest"
Artist Description: (Optional, talk about your work!)
Deviantart/External link: (URL of your submission) link: (URL of your ILLUSTRATION upload onto the site)


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Don't go to Canadian conventions? No problem!


Starting to make note of the people asking about getting prints online and honestly, handling the shipping process and all that is just beyond the busy mess that is my life. So I finally caved and decided to just throw some of my stuff on Redbubble, I know it's probably not the best solution (I only get 40%) but at least all of you internet folk have that option of obtaining my work now. :]

Who knows, maybe someday people will demand SIN merchandise and I can throw t-shirts and shit up there, SOMEDAAAYYYYYY... T_T


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A last minute semi-local convention! Hope it pans out!


Ah yes, that time of the year when I spend days drawing onsite commissions tirelessly for people whilst forgetting to eat. It seems like everyone and their mother's going to C2E2 in Chicago (So many journal updates hitting my watch) well, I'll be at the very Canadian C2E2 in Calgary and a whole bunch of other conventions across Canada.

Drop by for a 8.5' x 11'' Sketch or to buy 12.5' x 19'' Prints of my illustrations and first 2 volumes of SIN! Here's a complete list of conventions I'll be attending this year:
  • Fan Expo, Vancouver, April 21st - 22nd
  • CCEE, Calgary, April 27th - 29th
  • Otafest, Calgary, May 18th - 20th
  • Animethon, Edmonton, August 10th - 12th
  • Fan Expo, Toronto, August 23rd - 26th
  • Comiccon de Montreal, Montreal, September 14th - 16th
  • NYCC, New York, October 11th-14th
  • ECEE, Edmonton, October 20th-21st
  • C4, Winnipeg, November 2nd - 4th

Anyway, I'll be updating this journal entry with this years photos and recaps. Stay tuned~
Actually you should just all follow my Tumblr for real-time photo updates 8]


So, aside from losing my wallet on my way home (IT WAS FOUND!) from the convention Vancouver's first Fan Expo was really successful! We were a little nervous about the fact that it was a brand new convention for the city but the turn-up was excellent and we were busy little bees.

Vancouver is INFINITELY more beautiful than Calgary. It was so green, and there were so many flowers and and ugh. I'm just so jealous of the people who live there D:

As always, thanks to those of you who dropped by to buy something or just to say hi.

Also! Almost forgot to plug this awesome artist we had beside us :iconchasingartwork:, apparently Justin will be at several conventions that we're attending this year as well! He has a really beautiful vector-based style. Check it out!


CCEE was a blast! It was outrageously busy this year, even more so than the last (Actually, I'm pretty sure they're getting shit for not handling the numbers better cause a lot of people were blocked off from coming in the building) I also, literally had zero time to walk around; Sketch commissions (you can see some of them on my tumblr) and prints were flying off the table! Just wow, I always forget that my hometown has a big deal of a convention...

I also had very pleasant visits from people I haven't talked with in ages, my art teacher from High School brought his 6-year-old son and grabbed a bunch of my Marvel prints, some ACAD peers I graduated with who I haven't seen for forever grabbed the volumes of SIN and we'll be seeing Avengers together!

Sunday night we met up with old/new Artist Alley friends from Anime-conventions for dinner. We ordered a SHITLOAD of food from some Chinese restaurant, it was ridiculous and good-timez.
:iconspatsula: :iconroughreaill: :iconkamaniki: :iconbrownrabbits:

On the business end of things we broke our record in sales by quite a bit, which is actually pretty freakin' insane!

One more thing, thank you SO much to the people who bought Volume 1 or 2 of SIN, you guys are the best 8]


Thanks to those of you who dropped by at Otafest this year, I was partially gone in the morning for both days since I had to run some errands ;[ Noticed a lot of people picking up Volume 2 of SIN though so that was cool? 8D

I rarely spend money at conventions (BUSINESS TRIP) but I ended up grabbing some really rad t-shirts (Adventure Time, DBZ Capsule Corp. and a Green Power Ranger shirt), also, after the convention I spoiled myself with some new computer accessories. >D…

Had Korean BBQ after the convention with a group of 12 on Sunday, unfortunately I don't have all their DA info... here are a few of them?
:iconroughreaill: :iconkamaniki: :icontownofwolves:


So I never noticed before, but Edmonton is kind of better than Calgary? Haha I don't know, it just seems like you guys have better choices for shopping and tastier restaurants but WHAT DO I KNOW?

The convention was good! A little bummed that we couldn't be in AA with the local talent but in retrospect the extra space and traffic down in Vendors really boosted traffic for us :] We also ended up streamlining our organization/setup process a bit so everything went a lot smoother!

By the way, SIN sold really well again, maybe I should stop being surprised...? Next time I'll be sure to bring more so I don't sell out halfway through. To those of you who dropped by just looking for Volume 2, thanks for supporting my work!

Also went out for a delicious Japanese dinner on Saturday night with most of the same peeps we met up with in Calgary and some new faces as well:
:iconroughreaill::iconspatsula::iconkamaniki::iconbrownrabbits: (actually too lazy to look up the DA's of the rest because there were like 20 of us wtf)


Possibly my favourite convention of the year, Toronto simply never disappoints! This time around I decided to overcharge my sketch prices to give myself some free time to walk around and chat with some artists I've been looking forward to meeting, and y'know what? It totally paid off!

Some of these artists include :iconjimbobox: :iconr-trigger: and Tim Melynkkk, all super boss 3rd year bros at Sheridan who I ended up doing some print trades with! Amazing guys, really.

Also got to talking to Marvel big-names :iconmatteoscalera:, :iconj-scott-campbell: and Jim Cheung about their work and who all graciously critiqued my stuff, giving me advice on applying to doing covers for Marvel someday. Would have bugged :icon0boywonder0: too but every time I dropped by his table he was out! It's okay though I see him plenty at other Canadian comic conventions, heh ;]

Oh right, and my favorite from UDON :iconalvinlee: who actually remembered me through my art! Apparently he hasn't done an ongoing series for like 2 years now and has my dream job (splash/promo art for video-games). It's WAAAY less stressful than sequential art and he probably gets just as much exposure if not more. SO JEALOUSSSSSS, I would've bought prints from him but he said all his new stuff is published/copyright so he's actually not allowed to at his table, hahaha!

Also, if you follow my tumblr you could take a look at the shwag I bought from the convention and a few of the sketches I did there!


So I totally forgot to recap our Montreal trip. It was a lot of fun! I've never really been to Montreal before and the city has really great restaurants that I enjoyed. I also got to spend time with :iconjimbobox: and :iconkimchii:, also got to do some meet n' greets with artists like :iconeightbreeze: and :iconjeffsimpsonkh:!

I don't really remember what we did any more, just that the city was full of GIANT SPIDERS WEBS at like every street lamp.

Oh right, we had a really shitty spot hidden at the VERY CORNER of the convention floor so we only made half of our average amount. I mean, we made a profit but were just kind of bummed since we're used to making more xD

All in all, we had a good time though. Definitely be back next year!


I want to keep this short because I have a crapton of work to catch up on but NYCC was probably the best experience EVER!!! Not only was the convention huge and more than twice the size of any convention I've been to but the city was an absolute treat!

You know that stereotype where Americans (New Yorkers especially) are all rude lil' bitches? COMPLETE OPPOSITE, every single person we met the entire trip was incredibly nice and generous in every way possible. There wasn't a moment where I felt unwelcome in any part of the city. It was nuts!

If you follow my Tumblr you'll know my girlfriend and I spent a lot of time in Times Square with friends when we weren't busy in Artist Alley.

Speaking of Artist Alley, we were surrounded by a lot of phenomenal people! :iconyanimator: :iconjiuge: :iconalvinlee: :iconartgerm: and there were some great artists all over the place too, likeeee :iconterrydodson: :icondiablo2003: :icontrevormc112: :iconthefranchize: :icondrummerboydomo:

Also my bro :iconjimbobox: and his gf :iconkimchii: were there too! Just, fuck, it was an overwhelmingly inspiring talking to all these people about work and their art.

The whole trip was just incredibly lucrative, both financially and in experience, we can't wait to come back next year!


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  • Drinking: Lots of water 2.0 is up with a new logo, community friendly features and other stuff~

Please give the "new" a try!

I probably made note of's "relaunch" about a month ago on Tumblr but totally forgot to update my DA about it (oops!) Anyway, it's a lot better than what it used to be with a whack-load of interface changes that actually reflect a lot of the elements that made DA so appealing:
  • Personal artist profiles for all users with avatars
  • Free hosting space for your own Illustrations and comics
  • Commenting enabled for all profile pages, illustrations, comic pages
  • News feed that updates you with pages you've "liked"
  • Monthly themed art contests for cash prizes, 1st: 200$, 2nd: 100$, 3rd: 50$

So if you're a budding Manga or even Comic artist it's a good place to get some exposure, free hosting space while experiencing some community driven tools to help you along the way.

New Update Schedule for SIN and Volume 2 released!

After much encouragement from my sponsor I have decided to update SIN with 1-2 pages a week as opposed to a chapter (14 pages) a month. I'm not sure how this will effect the overall pacing or my work process but we decided the amount of traffic/exposure it gets me will likely outweigh these initial problems in the long run.

Also, Volume 2 has been out for about a week now which covers chapters 9-18. You can grab it at Amazon or any upcoming conventions I'll be attending in Canada (which I'll post about later in a month or so)


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For quality posts like this of my daughter's birthday...

:iconquirkilicious: :iconandreatamme:


Apparently there are people who're still wondering if I have a tumblr, ask no more~  I do! It's Quirkilicious: I actually post more often on there than DA although it's mostly personal crap and my unpopular opinion, don't worry though, there are work-in-progress shots of art I'm working on too. 8D

Here's another quality post of some gingerbread people my family made during December. I think they're going to the beach and oh look, a skeleton!


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:iconquirkilicious: :iconandreatamme:


Just letting you guys know that I'll be attending C4 this year in Manitoba. (October 27th-30th) Y'know, selling prints, SIN and doing on-site sketches, the usual. Drop by if you haven't already seen me this year at other various Canadian conventions I attended! :]


For those that haven't noticed, I had to close CG commissions because I started some more contract work. Now my schedule's pretty much full again making time for them next to impossible. However, I left sketch commissions open since they're ridiculously popular. Hope you guys understand! ;x


Watch this gameplay video and tell me you're not interested. Seriously though, a great multi-platform (XBLA, PS3 network, Android & PC) game from an indie company that comes out tomorrow. It's only $15!


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My shirt finally arrived. (sorry for my crappy phone-camera.)

:iconquirkilicious: :iconandreatamme:


That's right, I'm actually opening commissions again! One of my contract gigs (Project Velyria) got delayed until December and although its incredibly good paying work I'm a little excited to go back to commission stuff. I guess I enjoy the randomness and variety it brings to my table. (and then I realize most of you just want me to draw pretty boys/girls... hahaha.)

Anyway, I prefer sketches since they're quick and don't require much commitment but if you're willing to pay the price I'll be more than happy to do the whole CG thing. For more information visit my commission page here. (It might seem like a complicated process but it's not, I promise.)

</SIN, thanks for the support>

SIN Volume 1 by Quirkilicious

For those of you who follow my work and still don't know about my graphic novel / comic, shame on you! But seriously, during convention season I was pleasantly surprised to have people come up, buy Volume 1 and tell me how much they and their friends enjoy it. Even had one of you gals ask me to do a sketch of Zerus being all bamf.

So for that experience, I really want to thank you guys, the fanbase. It's really encouraging to hear from you folks in-person. I'm well aware that the premise and art isn't easy to swallow right off the bat (crappy 5-year-old-drawings and a cliche post-apocalyptic setting? Yea I know I'd have trouble picking it up too); however I guarantee that it gets better and will continue to get better as long as I'm working on it.

Speaking of which, this is a good year for SIN! There won't be any unexpected delays (like last year, when I had to go to Hong Kong for family business), there will be prompt updates once a month. You can also follow me on Tumblr to see some "work-in-progress" images that I may post every now and then like so that won't spoil too much of the story. (or at least I don't think they do.)


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My table at FanExpo, before the storm~

:iconquirkilicious: :iconandreatamme:


My girlfriend as Enchantress! She's at 15:20 in this video of the official Marvel Costume contest.

That Green Lantern dude who died in a pod at the DC booth.

Fan Expo is probably my favorite convention of all the ones I attend, I love the city, the people are great and it's so big! A lot more to see than what I'm used to since it covers Comics, Gaming, Anime and Horror.

I got to meet Stuart Immonen (artist of "Fear Itself") who was with his wife and busy signing stuff so I didn't get to talk much, Jim Cheung (artist of "Avengers: Children's Crusade") who I ended up impulse buying an expensive print from (I didn't know he was British, I wish I was Asian-Brit), and bugged the hell out of Marcus To (former "Red Robin" artist, current "Huntress" artist)

"Heroic Age" print from Jim Cheung

Huntress & BG by Marcus To

I also gave Alvin Lee from UDON a visit and grabbed a few prints (Andrea and I fought over who gets to keep what and he ended up giving us an extra one for free! What a nice guy, even asked for my card after he saw some of my work :d)

One of the two prints I got from Alvin, also have the SF Tribute one :]

Here are some cosplays that caught my eye,

Fionna (Adventure Time), Matrix (Reboot), Wraith (Stargate), The Monarch & Dr.MrstheMonarch (Venture Bros), Team Rocket Balloon (Pokemon)

Some of the sketches I did~


Andrea and I gave Silver Snail comics a visit (a famous comic book store in Toronto, apparently?)

I bought a couple of figures to add to my collection, Ultimate Iron Man and Iron Spider-Man!

Alright I think that about wraps it up, unless you guys wanted to hear about all the All-You-Can-Eat restaurants we went to (lol) Thanks for reading!