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Winter Class Concepts

Some work on Winter classes for Sacred Seasons 2, I'll be tackling the same ones for Summer, Fall and Spring.

It's weird going back to lineart after I ditched it, kinda like visiting an old friend. (I just paint over sketches now for my usual illustrations)

The colors are just 1-tone cel-shading. Simple stuff.

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ooh they are your characters look ready for and adventure
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Are you going to do Summer and Spring as well?
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Wow...I love this so much. I like how you were able to incorporate the concepts of winter into the drawings.
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Wow!!! i like them so much... i saw you draw the fall and the winter class, but i cannot find the spring and the summer ones... can you please like it to me? *_*
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Ah ya! I seen this, maybe you not draw something like the "Winter Class Concepts" and the "Fall Class Concepts" for the seasons of the Spring and Summer, isnt it?
Anyway... you draw so well *_*
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The mage look like Tsugi No Mai ( bleach) !![link]

I love your works [link]
<3 Fan <3
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Awesome! They really embody their season. Wonderful piece!
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ready to make the game :d
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My heart just stopped for a second...because my art runs on similar concept...Top middle and Down right characters don't seem to fit in, but it's still a favable piece
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really amazing!
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i love them! they're all so different and many differnt and interesting devices for each correspoinding one. (sorry, english not so good!)
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*very* interesting! I like your style. A lot.
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Could you make a male Wizard for winter plz?
LiquidMoltres's avatar
you really make me wish i could draw.
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You have awesome skils :)) How you do that? :DD
The more you suck, the better I feel about my art.

I feel horrible T_T
melonjam's avatar
your artworks are pure awesomeness!!!! :D
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