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September 11, 2011
What time is it? by *Kuroi-Tsuki

~kupocoffee said: "I love the semi realistic interpretation of this piece. The colors, detail and the way everything was placed looks like a moving adventure inside the drawing."

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What time is it?

I remember when :iconweremagnus: linked me the original Adventure Time animated short [link] a few years ago and it totally made my week. I also thought to myself, "It'd be absolutely brilliant if this was an actual TV show."

Fast forward a bit and it is!

Anyway, a really great series. Ice King, LSP and Tree trunks are my favorites. ;d

Edit: Oh yea here's the rough lines on my Tumblr [link]

Edit: Yes, this was on Cartoon Network's promo: [link]

Edit: Oh! Thanks for the DD guys. RHOMBUS.
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Figured I really should fave this, got a print at Calgary Expo years ago.
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This is what happens when you put ultra graphic settings in an adventure time game
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Its like the legend of zelda if it was a cartoon.
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How it should look
Parisjamesmommy14's avatar
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This is better than the real show.
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i love the movie to..
FrostyVixen92252's avatar
Beat the shit out of ice king time? I feel sorry for the crazy guy.
better then the actual show
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This is really good!
Oh my Glob. Awesome.
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freaking badass picture O_O
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This is so awesome.
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Wish we'd see one of the Lich and the other Villains in VENTURE time.
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I had tried everything finding this was the greatest thing thats ever happened my success was effortless just think of all the possibilities
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