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I don't know, just thought it'd be cool to draw an all-female Avengers line-up, ha!

It was fun, especially since I've read a title with each character in the past year that I've enjoyed. Except well, American Dream... I don't know jack about her 8D

The ladies from top to bottom and what I've liked most from them:

Spider-woman (New Avengers, Avengers)
American Dream (N/A)
Mockingbird (New Avengers, Avengers)
X-23 (Innocence Lost & Target X)
Valkyrie (Secret Avengers, particularly issue #14)
She-Hulk (Avenging Spider-man #7)
Rescue (Invincible Iron Man)

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This is awesome! The A-Force!
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Pepper: "A-Force, assemble!"
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Always a fun idea
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The feminists have taken over the Avengers.
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That's...just the A-Force...
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I am male, women are proud I respect hers I love it and so cool
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This is a masterpiece! Thank you for all your hard work! 
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''Captain America chick'' breasts look hilariously stupid, due to them nearly bustin' out of her uniform.

And you placed poor X-23 (also, her butt seems like a cushion, rather than an actual butt?) in the background and placed friggin' She-Hulk in the front? Are you kidding me? Laaaame choice...But hey, the ''Iron-Man chick'' looks okay, at least.

Overal, this is an artpiece that had potential to be fantastic! But ended up rather ''eh'' due to these mistakes, i'd say.

why da hell is this guy so angry about butts?

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It's the Lady Liberators, Marvel's Femine Fatal
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Female Superheroes...........they are awesome and hardcore. WORSHIP THEM!!!
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Thor is a woman now.
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This really is cool. Thanks for the names :)
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Wow, Lady Avengers! And good to know somebody remembers American Dream. She was an alternate universe Marvel character ^^
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Awesome lineup and I like how you added the female counterpart for each of the well known male members. American Dream was in the Next Avengers comic and was a former gymnast picked by Cap.
Love the soft coloring for this and the background goes very well with their outfits, too. Love the detail in each one and the realism is phenomenal:love:
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Awesome +1!
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