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Vongola Emblem Lineart

Lineart for the Vongola family emblem. If you're going to use it, please drop my name or DA ;[
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Hi o/ just so you know, I'm planing to use it for a katekyo group ^^ its really awesome
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Use your emblem in a wallpaper I made :D [link]
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Awesome pic! I couldn't find any other ones that matched the boxes so well (I made my own box weapon with a laser cutter [link]) and this one was perfect! Thanks!
hi, uhmmm, is it okay if i use this for the mini game i'm making? i'll put your name in the credits. :)
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Sure, do whatever you want with it :]
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Thank you so much for the lineart! XD I suck at drawing the symbol so it really helps a lot! ^^ :heart: I'll be sure to link back your DA :)
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Thanks for the emblem I used it for an artwork. No worry I credited you ;)
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AAhh thats so awesome, i could never find an awesome picture of the family crest! faved!
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Hey, I used the line art to make a tattoo for a Gokudera cosplay. I shall do add credit to the pics now, and I have also credited you on the lj the poics are posted at, along with a link to your DA!
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Mind if I use this as a background?
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I used this for a picture I did. I hope its alright with you <3 [link]
Nicely done, very clean. The lineart's amazing.
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what manga does this come from?
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it's from a manga/anime called Katekyo Hitman Reborn (some just call it KHR or Reborn though.) it's a really good manga/anime, you should go check it out sometime. if you wanna read the manga it's right here: [link]
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Such an odd manga O_O... It's good but I can't help but think WTF.
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Reborn love. :D
I love the details.
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er....wrai o_O
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great lineart very clean
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looks great :D
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