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"Truck, truck, truck..."

Just giving a lil' more love to Scott Pilgrim

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Great art for a great series.
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Bummer that the film didn't have them fight Gideon together.
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hoooooooooo myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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I love the details
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I like how the comics, the movie, and the game all have different endings XD

This is sweet.
Put that finger down, Toddy. 
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Great piece, absolutely loved this series, and an excellent representation. My favourite rendition of Ramona by far.
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love the work but did you have to do some one thaying F-u? 
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i know my spelling is bad. i just slipt up on the key bourd
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No, it was that you seriously bitched about a middle finger. If THAT offends you, you should really get off this site before your eyes melt or something.
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no it wasint that it was just i haqd never seen any one draw a poses with a middle finger before. that is all
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That particular character in the original franchise was sort of iconic for ALWAYS flipping people off. Ordinarily I'd side with Th0rni in solely saying that the artist can do whatever the hell they want, but I'll take it a step further and point out that, as this is a piece of fanart based on a pre-existing franchise, NOT illustrating that character with his middle finger would have sort of been an inappropriate liberty.
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Actually, fair point, I'd forgotten but if I remember right, Todd flips someone off at least once on pretty much every page he's on. 
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arrrrrrr i see. Well it has been a wy'all since i said that and i have been see a lot more............. well lets just say.... more kiss,kiss and you know what art on here. NOT P--N!!!! IF that's what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY-OH-ZA!
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I wonder if there'll be a sequel for the books or something i dont know just my mind being random
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man it be awesome if this was the movie XD
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I love Scott Pilgrim ^^
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Nice work! Scott Pilgrim FTW!
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rw:how epic is that dude i love it!!!
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Your art has been featured on our Awesome Alt Art blog! You can check it out at: [link]

All the best!
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Well "Print available" isn't...available.

Damn. ;_;
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nice! one of my favourite movies!
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I was just watching this to day xD I didn't even look this up : D Awesome movie did that made a game out of this?
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They did! It was originally a comic book though.
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