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Vengeance and Night

DC's dark knights.

In before the reboot I suppose? :]

Had the sketch up on Tumblr a little over a week ago, [link] [link] been poking at it between my work.

It's actually printed as 2 separate posters, hence the somewhat split composition.

Edit: Stop asking about Huntress, I associate her more with BoP. Otherwise I'd have to throw in Catwoman and another whole whack of characters.
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I've been looking for this art for yeaaars because I want to thank you soooo much for this.

This is perfect!

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"Vengeance and night, and everything fright"

Im sorry, I thought of PPG when I saw that, couldnt resist! This is great :D
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I made this my wallpaper.
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I love how you got everyone! Batman, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, the lesbian, Batgirl, Blackbat, Damian Wayne and Tim Drake! Don't know who the other Batgirl is besides Barbara. 
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The other batgirl is Stephanie brown
And I like how you referred to Kate as "the lesbian" XD
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This makes a SWEET triple monitor wallpaper!
If this were for sale, I would buy this print 100%
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You REALLY need to do more Batman stuff. Maybe a serious of your favourite villains and supporting characters? You do some of the best work on the characters I have seen outside DC's finest artists.
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-Jason Todd(Red Hood, former Robin)
-Tim Drake(Red Robin, former Robin)
-Damian Wayne(Robin)
-Dick Grayson(Nightwing, former Robin & Batman)
-Bruce Wayne(Batman)
-Kate Kane(Batwoman)
-Barbara Gordon(Batgirl, former Oracle)
-Stephanie Brown(Batgirl, former Robin & Spoiler)
-Cassandra Cain(Black Bat, former Batgirl)
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Other than the fact that every mouth seems to have the same downward grim look (lol), awesome.
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omg this is amazing!!!!!!
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awesome work!
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YAS... JUST YES! I love it! The shadows, and the reflection in the glass, and OH MAN THIS IS JUST EPIC!
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Whos the one in the jacket?
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i think that is suppose to be red hood but i can be wrong
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