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Under Fire

The Mass Effect trilogy is probably among my top favorite single player games out there (I'm almost always playing Multiplayer games instead xP) Bioware really knows how to deliver an RPG experience, there's just so much delicious lore/culture in their titles that you can't help but get sucked in. I'm sure there are people out there who invest more time in relationships with a fictional crew member than they do with someone irl, hahaha!

Not only that though, I love how the mechanics promote well-played tactics/combos. I remember spending hours on the final mission of ME3 trying to beat it on Insanity with a Vanguard, it was stupidly rewarding when I finally completed it.

I kinda wish I spent more time with ME3 after beating the campaign though, I've heard a lot of great things out of the co-op mode from a friend recently.

PS. This guy has a lot of helpful ME reference stuff: [link]
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I bought this and your Andromeda one from Supernova in Sydney I think 2 years ago and I absolutely love them!! Such great art! 
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Is Gorgeous!!
Close your mouth, tank baby! You'll catch a bullet
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GRUNT.  YES.  Thanks for featuring him so prominently... he's one of the characters that grew on me the most, after subsequent playthroughs.  He was the adopted "little brother" of my Renegade Femshep. :)

I did my Insanity run with a Vanguard, too!  o/\o
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That is clean as hell. And you did a terrific job capturing each of their personalities, too; Wrex's ferocity, Liara's determination, Garrius' quiet professionalism. Excellent stuff.
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Nice this is so kickass. CURSE YOU! 
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Love the colors and angle!
First, I come across your AWESOME comic/manga/whatevs, then I find out you're a Mass Effect fan too!

Just too damn awesome.
La la la la 
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Impressive! I like the asari the best! (Liara I presume?)
I featured this picture here. I hope you don't mind
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Nothing... but awesomeness!!!
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When I first saw this, I thought a giant Grunt was screaming in their faces! :XD: :rofl:
But I like how it really is. :D
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Totaly moss playing this game
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That's just stunning awesome! :iconimshockedplz:
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Great art work. I really like the details on the accesories and on the weapons. True to the Mass Effect style. Well done! :D
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Great job on this! Its fucking incredible! My favorite part is the facial expressions and the awesome use of color and lighting XD

Would you mind if I used this as a desktop background and or facebook timeline background? I'll be sure to give you credit! <3
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This is incredible with three of my favorites... Heh. Heh. Heh. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
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As for me, it's simply perfect ^^
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I very much appreciate this picture! :D Thank you for sharing this with us! :D
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wonderful light........wonderful work
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