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Marvel's Ultimate Universe is one of my guilty pleasures when it comes to comics. For the most part I find the re-imaginings of classic characters refreshing if not an interesting read.

It'd be an understatement if I said not all of the titles from the UU were "winners" but if you're looking forward to the Avengers movie I HIGHLY recommend reading Ultimates 1 & 2

Anyway, here's some of the big-names in my favorite outfits:
- Hulk from Ultimates 1
- Giant Man from Ultimates 1
- Wasp from Ultimates 2
- Iron-Man pre-Ultimatum
- Thor from Ultimates 1
- Captain America from Ultimates 2
- Hawkeye from Ultimates 3
- Miles Morales as Spider-man
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"I would actually love to see a story where everything is a bit less cynical, Hulk isn't a cannibal, Giant-Man isn't an abusive asshole, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch aren't into each other, and most of the team isn't horrifically killed off in the story that shall not be named."

This is something I said to someone else on this page, but I also wanted to say that I am actually a decent fan of the first 2 Ultimates books. I just have my fair share of problems with them, and not just in terms of characterization.

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I mean, that was the point of the UU. To tell more grounded stories with less idealized characters.

Isn't 616 where we go for less cynicism?

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Look, I have no problem with putting these characters in a world that's more grounded in reality. But "realistic" is NOT the same as what Millar and Hitch did with the characters. There's a way to make them more flawed without taking those flaws to such extremes. And things certainly didn't need to get so needlessly dark later on (looking at you, Jeph Loeb, and your story that shall not be named).

Besides, I don't see how making the Hulk a cannibal or the Maximoff twins incestuous makes them more human.

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Why can't this be a comic?
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With these exact designs and characters, I mean.
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This is, by far, the best piece of art I have ever seen for the Ultimates! Keep up the good work :D
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I envy you... in a good way!
Some of the Ultimates were not exactly saints: Ultimate Widow is a murderous traitor, Ultimate Cap is a rightwing nut who insults France and Ultimate Hulk is a cannibal. Thankfully none of that got transferred to either Ultimate Avengers Movie.
You forgot about Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver being incest lovers and Giant Man being a guy that abuses his wife.
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That's why UU was great though, everyone was 100% more human.
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Oh, yes, because cannibalism and incest is sooooo relatable and human.

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I like the mask Hawkeye is wearing, I always knew he would be the bad boy of the team.

And, I still like Peter Parker as Spider-Man.
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Excellent job man looks great
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I love it only real complaint is Miles he sort of kind of just looks thrown in here and I much rather would've just preferred the Avengers but that's honestly a very minor complaint
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Awesome art of Ultimate Avengers you draw, I think I like it.
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and now theyre disscussing including this spider man in the next avengers movie wow
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my idea of the ultimates in my marvel project would be base on the Suicide Squad  from dc comics casting the avengers villans that would be funded by the government to take down dangers and stuff
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I only have 2 issues of ULTIMATES. I only liked it becuz Joe Mad did the artwork.
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Ultimates 3 (what you're referring to) is all about Joe Mad's art. The writing went straight to shit with Loeb.
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And by that I mean it still sucks hard.

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